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whew, in the middle of fixing my dad's site for him. he better pay me good money for this. i should be packing to go back to allegheny tomorrow (even though i'm probably coming back for a couple days afterwards), but i'll do that later.

yay, laura got a livejournal, and now i can further annoy her through comments provided that she actually posts! her profile is very explicitly christian yet bizarre, just like laura herself. welcome, fostergreen!

hey diddle diddle, i'm hungry. i had some cereal and juice an hour ago, but i need substance. perhaps after i finish the last few web pages i'll go make soup or something. my dad is expecting me to make stir fry for dinner. *sneezes* oy, gesundheit, ade. dude, i just found the weirdest thing on the desk. it's this little plastic tag-type thing with a string on it that says "catherine" (must be my sister's, nobody else here goes by that name). anyway, it has this drawing of a cutesy yet freaky pink monkey-type animal. it looks like someone made it for her. it's very odd.

i've come to the conclusion that i most likely left my digital camera in north carolina. i can't find it in this house, and i don't remember packing it anywhere. i suppose i should call my aunt then. she's probably going through all the silly pictures on it and laughing hysterically (they're all g-rated, but they include pictures of katie, the neighbor kids, and me acting insanely silly). *whimper* i want my camera! my dad got me a bigger memory card for it and everything! oh well... guess my aunt will have to send it to me.

yes. work to do.

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