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hehehe my dad is listening to that "punk rock girl" song on the cd i burned for him. woohoo!

well, i still have tons of stuff to pack. my dad yelled at me for forgetting the camera in NC as though i had lost it, but i defended myself well. then he later apologized and said it was partially his fault for being too careful with it and setting it on top of the tv where i wouldn't see it and therefore not pack it. but my aunt is sending it up with a package of presents from my uncle who lives in washington (he had sent a bunch of presents to us in NC since he knew we'd be there, but the box arrived about an hour after we had left). so i'll get my camera back after all, and once i figure how to load the pictures onto my computer, you'll all see how crazy my family is and how cute my cousins are.

we made stir fry for dinner. it was good, but it's wreaking havoc on my system right now. then megan called and wanted me to give her a quick critique of her creepy story. it was about a captive mermaid trying to get her scales back from her evil husband and seeking revenge through the children. it was really good and really disturbing. i usually hate horror stories, but that was a good one.

well, tomorrow is the big moving day, but afterwards we can come back home and i can stay and be lazy for a few extra days. i'll be really sore from carrying all my heavy stuff down 4 flights of stairs and through numerous hallways. but i'll have a better room this semester.

i can't wait to be back on my computer, where i can play around with photoshop, have a fast connection, a decent mouse, etc. and my scanner. it's always when i want to upload pictures that i'm away from my scanner, and my dad's scanner is old and not that great.


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