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well, the move yesterday was pretty successful, though i'm sore. oh well. i'm back home, but i'll probably be heading back to allegheny tomorrow afternoon. woo. and being me, i'll be completely reclusive from the moment i get there until my first class (except for things like buying books, eating, stuff like that). then i'll remember that i have FRIENDS at college (even though a few of them aren't here this semester... sigh...) and i'll get back to being my usual goofy self. my sister is constantly injuring herself, and she's such a wimp when it comes to pain. take last night for example...

katie: (in the bathroom, crying) i can't get my earring back in!
dad: well, we could take you to someone who can help. they have the proper tools...
ade: (bored in her room) like a BIG DRILL!
katie: shut up! ugh, i can't deal with pain!
ade: yet you let someone poke holes in your ears...
katie: SHUT UP!

and this is the girl who accidentally kicks over a popcorn bowl while acting wild and then falls on the floor, whining and grabbing her toe for 10 minutes. sheesh.

i'm hungry.

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