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and now, more bits of dialogue from the life of ade.

ade: *sings* everything is super when you're gay!
katie: *sings* everything is NOT super when you're gay!
ade: why not?
katie: because it's wrong.
ade: why?
katie: because... *grimaces* it is!
ade: what's so wrong about it?
katie: because they don't populate the earth!
ade: the earth is overpopulated enough. people who have kids are just contributing to the problem.
katie: well it's still wrong. you know, what they do.
ade: what do they do?
katie: you know...
ade: and are straight people wrong too?
katie: what are straight people?
ade: heterosexuals. guy-girl relationships.
katie: oh. no. guys and girls are fine, but girl-girl and guy-guy... that's wrong.
ade: why?
katie: because they don't reproduce!
ade: nothing wrong with that.
(debate continues for a while until we start talking about completely unrelated stuff and dad comes upstairs, telling us to quit arguing)

and later...

dad: ade, come get some chicken. would you like a wing, thigh, drumstick, or breast?
ade: *keeps a straight face but adds a big dose of sarcasm* i'd like a breast. you know how much i like breasts.
dad: haha, funny. would you like a big one or a small one?
ade: well, i like big breasts.
dad: can you eat the whole thing?
ade: i love to eat breasts, of course! *dad puts one on the plate* on second thought, i don't really like to eat a lot of meat. maybe i'll go for the smaller breast.
dad: *shakes his head and laughs* ok, here you go.

yep, never a dull moment at the conway house...

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