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lookee! i made theme icons!

woooo i rock. i didn't schedule any morning classes for monday, wednesday, and friday, so i don't have classes until 1:30 and 2:30! lazy mornings are great, plus i'll have more time for last-minute papers when they come.

playing scrabble with friends at 15

i love jareth...

danny elfman as satan in "the forbidden zone"

me fencing

goofy at graduation

everyone's favorite tranny rocker, HEDWIG!!!!!!!

*happy sigh*

come inside, 'ave a cup o' tea!

for when i'm feeling intellectual

*bwongggggg* master! dinner is prepared!

moaning myrtle!

hedwig gives tommy a hand in the bathtub

i like this one. i look so... funny. i was 12 or 13 at the time.

yes folks, it's an irrational fear...

a hundred points if it goes through her HEAD!!!!!!!

waterhouse kicks ass

me being harassed by mr. plexiglass guy at idlewild when i was 15


nerdy girls are so cute... *squeals*

having a "worm fight" in a sleeping bag a few years ago

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