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random things i want to do before i die:

- go to london and spend a week just wandering around the british museum (i've only been there once, and a few hours is enough to truly amaze you, but you can only see a tiny bit in that time)
- see rocky horror AND hedwig live (but not at the same time)
- publish something and make money from it (if i can do it many times, i'll accomplish my "career" goal)
- have a pet pig
- visit the parthenon and a ganesha temple in india
- let's just put it this way: i don't want to die a virgin, but i don't plan on taking care of that any time soon
- get over my fear of vampires (if they didn't bite people in the NECK or other sensitive areas, they'd be fine)
- look fabulous in drag (it will be hard to pull off with my body, but i'm sure if i wore a suit, tied my hair back, and had a fake goatee or something i'd look all right...)
- get incredibly drunk under safe circumstances just so i know what it's like (when i'm 30 or so, i'll get my closest friends together and then drink until i'm not quiiiiiiiiiite sick, then have them videotaping me acting stupid so i can laugh at myself and know NEVER to drink again)
- meet tori amos

...and that's all i can think of.

classes were all right. i know my shakespeare class will be interesting (we're starting out with "a midsummer night's dream" - my favorite!) since shakespeare rocks and prof. bulman is hilarious when he gets really passionate about whatever he's lecturing about. stats will be all right, but i'll probably realize how much math i've forgotten (i haven't taken math since 11th grade, and even though i'm good at it, i hate it). but hey - it's psych. tomorrow i have my FS (another english class - why did i have to take 3 this semester?) and writing poetry. poetry should be fun, even though 95% of my poems suck and i don't understand most poetry. well, this class will help me become a better writer AND reader. megan is lucky, she's taking a playwriting class at slippery rock. ah well. i think my friend is in the poetry class, and i'll probably see a bunch of other friends there too. a lot of my friends here are english majors or minors (we humanities nerds stick together!) and i'm usually in the same english classes with the same people over and over. woohoo. by the time i graduate, i'll probably be really well-acquainted with half the english majors and a good portion of the faculty. ah well. so that's school stuff.

someday i want to write a fabulous musical that gathers a cult following like rocky horror or hedwig. of course... i have no musical ability whatsoever. perhaps i'll cowrite it with a fantastic composer and we'll both be utterly famous and people will dress up in silly costumes and see our shows repeatedly. yup. in my wildest dreams.

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