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whoop-de-friggin'-doo. i guess after this post i'll go to bed. i actually have to get up in the morning for class (9:30 isn't too bad, but i always hate waking up before 10 anyway).

since i'm a compulsive online buyer-of-STUFF, i did some shopping. they have really kcheap stuff at, so i got dragon warrior monsters 2 for game boy (the tara version - it's about time i started playing a female in my game boy rpg adventures, and dragon warrior 2 won't let me play beth the mage, i have to be the male hero and can't use magic... grrr...) and dragon half on dvd. i was getting bored with dwm1 and dw1&2 since i got them all in high school and have beaten all the games at least twice. so it's time for a change. i think dragon warrior 3 was released yesterday, but i'm going to wait until i get bored with dwm2 to get that. ummm i need to branch out and play some different rpgs. i mean, i love the dragon warrior themed games and they're painfully addicting, but i gotta play something else for a change. and not pokemon, because the neighborhood kids got tired of that so now i have nobody to trade with, and i only need 6 more pokemon. yes, i know i'm a total nerd, but if it wasn't for pokemon (and my friend nicole, who introduced the term "rpg" to me) i never would have gotten into rpgs and i'd be stuck playing mario and conventional adventure games. i love mario and everything, but rpgs are definitely more fun. i should start playing the REAL rpgs, with dice and everything. well, that's what argo is for. i'll eventually join a game. oh, and since i also got dragon half, it now means that some anime has found its way to my ever-growing dvd collection (gasp, cough, urp, die, choke, wheeze, yeah). woohoo! i feel so... special. and even though dragon half is only 2 episodes long, it's insanely silly and they use EXLAX in it at one point. since i have a 3rd grade sense of humor, it's perfect for me. and i like the whole inter-species thing. yep. i've seen both episodes twice. they rock, even though they're pointless. and they used exlax! *giggles insanely* yes, i know it's pathetic that the word "exlax" still makes me laugh even 3 years after the chemistry class that started it all.

there i go, talking about stuff nobody really cares about. oh well! tomorrow is going to be a fairly long day. bye!

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