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i'm waiting for my clothes to come out of the dryer. i actually organized some of my school papers today, and i was going to do homework but carrie turned on the tv and we're watching "days of our lives." it's so stupid and shallow and nobody has a sense of humor, but my eyes are drawn to the "magic pictures" on the tv. cartoons are better.
tonight i have fencing, i'm fairly excited. poke poke poke slash whack hey that's not allowed! oh well. british accents are sexy. i wonder if i should take some idol-may. nah.
i think i'm going to go back to watching tv, even though it's pointless. the damn phone keeps ringing, and it's never for me. so i never pick it up unless i recognize the number as belonging to a friend or family member. i wonder if i should dye my hair purple.
and so those are my shallow thoughts for the day. i was in a deep-thinking mood earlier but now there's not much going on inside my head (for once). i turned off the tv since carrie left and it's destroying my mind.
"i've been a wallflower before, but this is ridiculous!"

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