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OW. what a painful fencing practice. i didn't get jabbed really hard or anything, but my hands and feet are killing me. first of all i was stupid and wore old socks with holes in them, and my feet weren't used to all the advancing and retreating since i haven't fenced in a month. so my feet are sore. also, my finger managed to heal over break since it wasn't constantly rubbing the bell guard (there's basically a chronic callus on my knuckle) so it was pretty sore and threatened to blister. not only that, but BOTH my hands took beatings! near the beginning of the practice, i was fencing this guy (i still don't remember his name even though we fence together a lot) and for some reason my left hand slipped out in the open and got whacked. so there's a welt forming on my index finger, and it's starting to sting. then i worked with a new guy with drills before bouting with another guy. this time he accidentally whacked the tips of my ring and pinky fingers on my right hand (i must have been blocking so he got my sword hand) and that really stung, especially the pinky. i'm all right, but my extremities need time to heal. oh well. we fencers are masochists. and fencing is the only time i'll let people over the age of 7 beat me up. of course, i give them some bruises in return! a poke for a poke, a bruise for a bruise. the thing is, i get hit more since i'm clearly at a disadvantage, being at least a foot shorter than most of the fencers. but that's all right. someday i'll fence against a midget and win (unless the midget kicks my ass first - little people are always a lot tougher than they look!).

i'm just a sweet transvestite...

*ahem* sorry, you can guess what i'm listening to.
today i had my FS and poetry class. the FS seems like it's going to be really discussion-oriented (which makes me panic, since i'm a social retard). the poetry class is going to be a lot of work, but that's ok. i always need encouragement to keep writing (i go to tuesday group and do writing there and sometimes submit pieces to golem for critiques, but that's not enough). a poem a week isn't too much to ask, and i'll get critiques for all of them. the first poem has to be about an object with a bunch of random rules for it. i think i'll write about my sword, minerva.

48 inches forward, i'll give you a whack
i got a, i got an angry sword...

no, no, no...

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