Ade (agentfroot) wrote,

well. just got off the phone with my dad again, and he's picking me up in a couple hours. tomorrow we're flying down to florida, the funeral is on monday, and we're flying back to PA on tuesday. when we come back we'll drive directly back to allegheny, so i'll only miss 2 days of classes.

of course, my teachers had to assign lots of wonderful reading in all my big textbooks. what FUN! so once again i'll flex my ade-muscles and cram 300 pounds of stuff in my poor little backpack since that's what i do every time i go on a trip. and since my dad is coming in 3 hours, i need to shower, get dressed, eat lunch, pack, clean my room, and hang up my posters (since katie and julia are probably coming and are dying to see my room). oy. no time for homework or slacking in between. this is a nightmare. i can't wait until tuesday (i might not miss tuesday group after all...). but at least i'll get my digital camera back and get my present from uncle glen's family that arrived just after i left. and my mom mentioned that pop pop has a check for me (since he spoils me and is so proud that i got good grades last semester), so that's good.

on a happier note, last night i saw "my big fat greek wedding" for the 2nd time. i LOVE that movie! it always makes me want to be greek! tula's family is so wacky it's hilarious! and her aunt (the one played by the lady who was in "hedwig and the angry inch," but i can never remember her name or the names of the characters she played) is so insane it's great.

"so after menopause, the lump in my neck got bigger, so i went and had a bipopsky...beeyop...bubopsy. inside the lump they found teeth and a spinal cord. yes. it was my twin."


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