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well i'm back and everything is pretty much hunky-dory. here's a synopsis of the weekend:

- dad came and got me from school and i stayed at home saturday night
- on sunday we went to the airport and katie kept trying to get rid of this banana and ended up wreaking havoc
- we made it to florida and spent sunday visiting with people. uncle jon and aunt kathleen both had the flu so they just stayed at the hotel most of the time. these friends of my grandparents came over and the woman remembered me since she met me in bermuda 10 or 11 years ago and started talking to me like we were old friends.
- the funeral was on monday and before the service katie and i were being silly yet helpful which was a good distraction from the depressing situation. katie told me she was in charge of seating and put me next to whit (nana's cousin who is really hard of hearing and kind of a fruitcake, but i like him, he's interesting), so we were joking about sitting by him and talking to him and stuff (it's hard to converse with him since he can't hear very well and has trouble talking). i didn't sit by whit after all, but that was ok.
- a really good way to keep yourself from crying is to visualize something completely hilarious. i kept thinking about the ned character from "groundhog day," but of course that meant also trying to keep myself from giggling.
- during the luncheon i was talking with knight (nana's cousin, i think he's whit's brother, but he can hear and talk just fine) and found out he's a priest. his wife mary jane told me that i never deposited the check they gave me for graduation a year and a half ago, so she wrote me a new one and didn't tell my mother (phew). knight was asking about writing, and he said that whenever he's trying to write sermons he thinks of me and how i write and that somehow inspires him to write. odd. i don't know him very well, and we only see each other sporadically in vermont over the summers, but that was nice.
- katie and i renamed several family members. i'm richard (dick), she's ronald (ron), dad is bob (instead of rob), uncle jon is amber, and uncle clarke is kent (the minister actually called him that since he wanted to remember his name).
- aunt cathie, mom, katie, and i ended up going shopping and my mom got me this nifty bracelet that has little images from waterhouse paintings on it.
- i got my camera back, and sometime when i'm caught up in schoolwork i'll post them
- we flew home tuesday morning, and dad drove me back to school.

well, tonight was pretty good. i went to tuesday group, and that was great since we wrote about this weird picture of a guy who looks like he's going to hug this big stork. that was fun, and we talked a lot afterwards. anne lent me a book too, which was nice.

by the way, thanks to those who sent their condolences and prayers and energy and such. i REALLY appreciate that, and i'm glad to have friends available at this time. you all rock!

well, i have a lot of school stuff to catch up on, and i want to eventually go to bed. it's after 2 am. i don't have classes until 1:30 pm (hahahaaaaaaa i am a scheduling genius!), but i want to get up in time for LUNCH tomorrow! i have a lot of stuff to do. ay.

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