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there are too many people named "john" in this world. if you ever have a son, please name him something more interesting, like "rutabaga" or "zephyr" or "herbert monkeybrains." if you want a more common name, don't pick something boring and so insanely common that if you stand on the front porch yelling it, 457 kids will show up at your house for dinner. there may be more than one "jason" or "toby" in the class, but at least your son will be semi-distinguishable from all the johns, matts, and mikes (no offense to johns, matts, and mikes, i have several male friends with those names and don't think they're bad names at all, they're just too common). if i ever have a son, i refuse to name him john unless his father is named something like "john zwieback pickleton XVIII" (in which case, we'll simply call him either "19" or "little zwieback" for short). for some reason, that name just cracks me up (i have no idea where it came from, but it strikes me as funny). oh well. it's not as funny as "fartacus howard fartsucker," but that's ok.

anyway, i managed to get only 4 or 5 hours of sleep last night because i had things to do, calls to make (yes, i know how to use a phone, isn't that amazing?), homework to do, things to read, etc. i woke up early to finish a couple homework assignments (apparently we're going to have a lot in my FS... oh boy...) and managed to survive class even though i was sleep-deprived and had only eaten a rice krispie treat and a few sips of gatorade (no time for breakfast, and i was considering making coffee to keep me awake even though i hate coffee). i had to give a quick 2 or 3 minute speech on a reading passage, which wasn't too hard. no poetry class this afternoon, so i have time to get caught up on homework and do my laundry (i'm wearing my "all my jeans are dirty" overalls for the 2nd day in a row, and i wish i hadn't dumped sauce all over my black jeans because i could have worn them again).

you know what i just realized? i think there's a normal, twin-sized mattress on my bed instead of the extra long one we're supposed to have. so that would explain why the sheets are all saggy with extra material in the middles. there's nothing wrong with that, but i find that odd. oh well. i don't need an extra long mattress at all, since i'm not an extra long person. i should get one of those department store display mattresses that are half the length of regular ones. a midget mattress would be perfect.

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