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First movie you ever saw in the theatre:
i don't know, but i remember when i was 5 or 6 we went to either a movie theatre or a real theatre once and i had coke for the first time and i hated it. i remember seeing "the little mermaid" when it came out though.

Fav movie as a kid:
sister act! gosh, i was so obsessed with it 10 years ago. that probably explains a lot, doesn't it?

Movie you have seen the most times:
again, sister act. oh yes. i could probably recite the entire movie off the top of my head if prompted.

Biggest movie star crush as a kid:
well, i really hate to admit this, but when i was around 8 i liked leo dicaprio. *dodges flying fruit* hey, he was cute 11 years ago, at least in my eyes!

Fav 80's teen movie:
i don't know... but "uncle buck" has a teenager in it... does that count? hehehe that movie kicks ass.

Fav song from a movie:
"sweet transvestite" from RHPS and "the origin of love" from HATAI

Fav romance movie:
but i'm a cheerleader (it's funny and not sappy and it has flamboyantly gay people in it... yay!) and my big fat greek wedding

Fav horror movie:
i really don't like horror movies. does RHPS count because it has "horror" in it? maybe "the nightmare before christmas" even though it isn't really scary...

Fav drama:
hmmm, not really into drama. but i'd say american beauty

Fav sci fi movie:
i'm going to say lilo and stitch because it has aliens in it.

Fav musical movie:
RHPS, hedwig, into the woods, labyrinth (it's kind of a musical...)

Fav comedy movie:
the emperor's new groove, shrek, chicken run (yes, i adore funny kids movies), monty python and the holy grail... comedy is really my genre.

Fav action movie:
crouching tiger, hidden dragon

Fav foreign movie:
hmmm... *tries to remember any subtitled movies she's seen* i don't know. maybe princess mononoke.

Fav. Animated Movie:
shrek, the emperor's new groove

Movie that scared you as a child:
once i was channel surfing when i was 5 or 6 and saw part of little shop of horrors during bill murray's dentist visit, and it terrified me. 10 or 11 years later i saw the entire movie and found the scene amusing, even though it used to terrify me.

Movie that makes you cry every time you see it:
lilo and stitch! jeez, i'm always either laughing or crying when i see the movie, sometimes both

Worst movie you ever saw:
those mary kate and ashley movies my sister likes. jeesh, there's more to life than makeup, fashion, boys, and popularity! oy, those movies make me sick.

Movie you walked out on in the theater cause it was so bad:
i've never actually walked out of a theatre, but last semester i walked out after 2 episodes of kenshin because they disturbed me so much

Most sexual movie you ever saw (NON PORN):
american pie 2 (hahaha but it's great...)

Most disturbing movie you ever saw:
this werewolf movie called "bad moon"

Movie that supposedly sucks but you love it:
the forbidden zone, even though almost nobody has ever heard of it

Fav actors:
danny devito, verne troyer (mini me!)

Fav actresses:
whoopi goldberg (hehehe), natasha lyonne, the lady who was in hedwig and my big fat greek wedding, ugh i don't know her name...

Fav Porn Star:
er... i don't have one...

Fav sex scene from a movie (NON PORN):
hmmm... the ones in but i'm a cheerleader and the watermelon woman (woohoo, girl on girl action! *notices everyone staring at her* uh... well, you see, the mise en scene was very well-crafted, and yada yada yada...)

Movie you wanted to see the most as a child but were not allowed to:
animal house (i eventually saw it at a friend's house when i was 13)

Sexiest movie star of all time MALE:
hmmm... i don't know. whenever i think of a sexy male, i automatically think of the cowboy in the "cornflake girl" video (the US version), but i don't know if that counts...

Sexiest movie star of all time FEMALE:
i'm going to say bernadette peters because she made a kickass witch in "into the woods"

Movie that could/might as well been written about your life:
welcome to the dollhouse is the closest i can think of

Fave villain in a movie:
ursula (the little mermaid), darkness (legend), jareth (labyrinth), yzma (the emperor's new groove), and mini me before he turned good (austin powers). i LOVE villains!

Last movie you saw on TV/rented?:
i saw most of matilda in the hotel room last week

Last movie you saw in theater:
LOTR2 for the 2nd time (with laura, her mum, and will - that was an interesting experience)


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