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ah, sunday... i just woke up. i updated my web page yesterday and added a ton of new stuff, including artwork (rainhawk from "dragon warrior monsters" and a picture of tori amos i drew over 2 years ago), pictures (my room, megan and me going crazy with a camera, etc.), and a story i wrote on tuesday about pickle-flavored grasshoppers. but i had a really interesting dream session last night, and i divide them into 3 parts that i can remember.

in the first part, i was in murrysville in one of the shopping centers. at the far end was basically a fast food beer restaurant. there was a counter inside, and by the door was 2 booths, i don't know what they were for. i went inside and for some reason ordered 2 bottles of beer. they didn't ask for ID or anything, they just gave me the 2 bottles and i walked out. i don't know what i would do with them, i hate beer. maybe i just bought them for the heck of it. but as i walked along the sidewalk, i saw... mr. leftwich and mr. king, who were principal and vice principal when i went to franklin regional junior high torture slum. i tried to hide the bottles, but mr. leftwich saw me. he asked me what i was doing with beer, and i said i was taking them to my dad (on several occasions he's asked me to grab him a beer or go buy some from the neighbor - NO he's not an alcoholic, though there was that time he got smashed on christmas eve... nevermind). mr. leftwich said "yeah right, give me those!" i told him no, not unless he was going to pay for them, and i'd be 21 in 2 years and a month and a half anyway. i knew i was in big trouble and thought of ways to get out of the situation. they took the bottles and went into the beer store. i followed, and out of nowhere i saw my college friends jen and anne. but as soon as we were all in the store i felt like i had to leave immediately and i was extremely angry, humiliated, and scared. so i immediately turned and walked out of the store. i don't know if mr. leftwich and mr. king followed, but jen and anne did. as soon as i got out of the store, i started running. jen and anne asked me something or other about if i was ok, and i told them to follow me because i wanted to talk to them and i felt like i was going to cry. at that point, i kind of started flying, only a foot or so off the ground. i do this a lot in dreams, and jen yelled "you're hovering!" i told her it's normal for me, and i landed back on the ground and started running again. around the corner of the shopping area was a big section with a lot of chairs. we sat at this round table, and i told them what happened and why i ran. then on the surrounding tables all these kids started appearing, and there was something about getting into the shade. but then the table disappeared and everyone was sitting in a line and i woke up. that dream was rather interesting... why the heck would i buy beer if it's illegal, i don't drink, and i can't stand the taste of it? oh well. the flying/hovering part was cool.

in the second part, i was at home. i looked out the family room window and saw a deer walking down the hill (a usual sight, considering it's western pennsylvania and we live by the woods). i called to my sister, then i saw another animal. at first it looked like a fox, then a lupe (oh no, now i'm dreaming about neopets!), then i realized it was scooby doo. of course, i got all excited, and i ran to the front door. i saw freddy or shaggy walking down the street and i flung open the door, looking for velma (yes, i have an insane fetish for velma). i saw her, daphne, and one of the boys walking down my neighbor's driveway. i yelled "i love you, velma!" and she turned and looked at me and said something like "i love you too, i guess!" she went into my neighbor's house, so i dashed downstairs and told my dad all about it, that the scooby doo gang was in our neighborhood! he just looked at me like i was nuts, so i went outside again. there was this weird house next door for some reason, and i knew a few of my friends were there. these 2 dark-haired girls lived there, and the younger one kept popping up and staring at me. i went inside and talked to my friends, and there was something about a backpack. i went outside again and saw a blurred vision of a tiny velma and daphne on a tire swing. then i went on my driveway and looked down the road. this time, i saw a group of kids playing in the street down the road a bit. i guess the scooby doo gang turned into little kids, and i saw velma, who looked about 4 or 5. i walked down to see her, and i guess she got mad at the group and started running away in tears. i ran after her, managed to stop her, and had her sit down in a chair in the road. i started talking to her, but i don't remember what happened after that. methinks i am way too obsessed with a cartoon character, but that's ok.

in the third dream, i was in a bathroom somewhere, i guess it was at a fancy place (here goes that recurring toilet theme). then i left and went to another bathroom, where there were all these people standing around outside. i saw a few people i knew, but i didn't say anything. i waited outside because i thought the stalls were full, but then i realized there were 3 sections with many vacancies. i went into one, did my stuff, and left. then i saw at least 3 people i knew, including my camp friend andrea (she changed my life, but i haven't seen her in around 2 years). she had purple and gray hair and wore this shiny silver skirt, and i thought she looked stunning. then i saw this guy i know going down this stream on a wooden pole. i thought andrea should go along with him, even though i desperately wanted her for myself. i watched as she got on the pole and felt this longing. then the dream basically ended. that was bizarre... maybe i just needed to go potty in my sleep. as for andrea going with the guy on a pole down the river... maybe it's about letting go and realizing i can't have what i want. oh well.

well, i gotta shower, eat, and work on my speech for tomorrow, then go to gail's house for dinner. i talked to 7 different people on the phone yesterday (well, 4 of them were on one phone line - i called my mom, sister, and grandparents in florida). hooy, me hungry. busy day, busy day...


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