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i was just thinking... i'm a nerd, but i don't really fit into any nerd genre. i don't really look like a nerd (it's the lack of glasses - if i had them, i'd definitely look like a nerd), but i am. nerdiness covers a broad scope of things. the nerd stereotype is basically the urkel figure, a puny kid with a super high IQ who wears dorky clothing and gets picked on all the time and so forth, but i know very few nerds who are actually like that. the first definition of "nerd" according to is:

nerd also nurd (nrd)
n. Slang
1. A foolish, inept, or unattractive person.
2. A person who is single-minded or accomplished in scientific or technical pursuits but is felt to be socially inept.

first of all, i've never seen it spelled "nurd" before. second, both definitions are false. i don't know pwople like that. the way i see it, nerds are basically the people who deviate from modern society without really breaking the rules. they basically refuse to follow the paths of their peers, but they don't get into trouble. most nerds have high IQs, which is usually why they're not considered "normal." i know very few highly intelligent people who get along well in society and gain what society says is "good": popularity, members of the opposite sex, etc. those people usually have the rare combination of intelligence and beauty, and the beauty gets them by. however, for the less attractive, intelligence is a social curse. we often get picked on because we're different. most of the nerds i know were bullied at some point, and many consider themselves weirdos and outcasts. we may have an advantage brain-wise, but that doesn't matter to many of our peers. the pretty girls and handsome boys rule the social world and leave us to form our own little social groups of rejects. anyway, back to the whole nerd thing. for many people, the word "nerd" has a negative connotation, but there's really nothing bad about being a nerd. most of my friends are nerds in some way or another, and they really don't care. there are many different kinds of nerd, and i'm friends with nerds all over the spectrum. mmm, rainbow nerds. makes me want some candy. anyway...

let's think of different types of nerd, shall we? there's the stereotypical nerd with thick glasses, a pocket protector, and a full tuition scholarship to MIT, but that's not it. there are the overachievers, the artsy folks, the D&D maniacs, the computer gamers, the people who really never left the 80s, the anime freaks (otakus is the term, i think), the writers, the star wars/lord of the rings/etc. fans, the internet addicts (AIM doesn't count - even popular people use that), the bookworms (including the famous female nerd stereotype: the librarian), the anachronists, etc. they don't all dress and act the same. from what i've seen, many have glasses, but that's beside the point. me? i consider myself an eclectic nerd. i've been to the nerd buffet and i take portions from many of the options. i'm still experimenting with the various aspects of nerddom. some i think are fabulous, some bore me, and some are just "ok." but i love being a nerd. some of the coolest people i know are nerds.

what's the point of this journal entry? i have no idea. i was just thinking of the glory of being a nerd (that's what i get for having dinner with a bunch of argo people and other nerds). well, it's time for me to get OFF the computer and do my homework (contrary to popular belief, not all nerds love school and doing homework).

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