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UGH. if there's one thing i absolutely hate, it's homophobia. no wonder so many people are stuck in the closet. and it's even worse when it happens to my friends and i can't do anything about it. stupid fuckers have nothing better to do than tell others how sinful they are without stopping to examine their own behavior. i believe that the more you condemn others, the more you condemn yourself. especially those narrow-minded christians who claim that their way is the "only" way and try to convince everyone else to follow their path. for crying out loud, no wonder so many of my GLBT friends refuse to have anything to do with christianity. now before my poor christian friends get offended, i'll say this: i have nothing against the religion or its people or 95% of its views. it's just that SOME people feel it's their duty to tell others how wrong they think the other people are and how right they think they are. and it's not just christianity, it's a lot of religions. but for those of you who keep your beliefs to yourself and accept me for who i am, thank you. you're proof that not all christians have issues. fortunately, some christians i know are really open-minded, so they're ok with homosexuality and religious diversity and such. they're good people. i just feel sorry for them because a bunch of assholes decide to make other people's lives miserable and blame their bad behavior on their religion. *grrrrr*

this rant was brought to you by an angry reaction to recent topics and comments in nymphedufeu's journal. i think i'm going to take those "christian sisters" email addresses and sign them up for all kinds of porn mailing lists. hah. serves them right. *evil giggle*

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