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happy birthday, my dear journal! yes, today marks the 1st anniversary of my 1st post. go me! and i owe it all to alteredsketch, she gave me the code that sparked the addiction. woohoo!

i have to bring in an object to my writing poetry class for "show and tell" so i'm bringing in my smelted squid. hehehe i was looking around my room for something significant with a story behind it, and i figured it would be a fun thing to bring to class. and it's not even a squid, it's a purple fuzzy stuffed octopus. but it means something to me and makes me smile every time i look at it. i carried that thing around with me for at least 4 days (i also wore my panda ears and carried at least 1 squirt gun with me, hahaha).

apparently tonight's tuesday group writing exercise will involve cosmo. it should be really... *interesting*. let's just take a bunch of weirdo writers, add flashy trendy superficial magazine articles, and mix them up for a while and see what happens. i personally find stupid tabloids much more interesting (that's where the panda porn star idea came from... oh how i miss alpha...), but cosmo will be great to make fun of. you all know i go against practically everything cosmo stands for...

*prances off singing the "dragon half" theme*

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