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Random questions ::
{x} Fallen for your best friend?
not *best* friend but occasionally a good friend
{x} Made out with JUST a friend?
never made out before
{x} Been rejected?
well, not really rejected because i never tried. sure, i told a couple people i liked them in the past and they seemed to accept it but that was all, nothing came of it.
{x} Been in love?
{x} Been in lust?
{x} Used someone?
not that i know of
{x} Been used?
i hope not...
{x} Cheated on someone?
i'd never do that (at least i hope i never will...)
{x} Been cheated on?
{x} Done something you regret? How many times?
yes, multiple

Who was the last person ::
{x} You touched?
i don't know... i kind of punched nick yesterday because he was being a dork (not a mean punch)
{x} You talked to?
talking to 3 people online (2 online friends and my cousin)
{x} You hugged?
i don't know... some of the grownups hugged me at my nana's funeral...
{x} You instant messaged?
the 3 people i'm talking to
{x} You yelled at?
probably nick yesterday when he was being gross (i was probably yelling while i was laughing though)
{x} You laughed with?
a friend after stats (i think her name is jessie... gosh i'm so bad with names and i've known her for a year and a half...)

Have you : are you : do you ::
{x} Considered a life of crime?
{x} Considered being a hooker?
NO (unless you count that halloween when i wore the bikini apron)
{x} Considered being a pimp?
no, but imagining myself as a pimp is hilarious
{x} Are you psycho?
{x} Split personalities?
{x} Schizophrenic?
not really
{x} Obsessive?
in some areas
{x} Obsessive compulsive?
in some areas
{x} Dream of mutilated bodies, blood, death, and gore?
rarely, and it terrifies me when i do
{x} Dream of doing those things instead of just seeing them?
i doubt it
{x} Understanding:
i try to be
{x} Open-minded:
{x} Arrogant:
no, but sometimes i pretend to be (hah, i am the queen, bow down to me, bla bla bla)
{x} Insecure:
about some things
{x} Interesting:
i try to be, and apparently i am
{x} Hungry:
i usually am, even though i do get enough to eat
{x} Friendly:
i'm super shy but i try to be
{x} Smart:
i have a really high iq, i just don't use it
{x} Moody:
yes, but i try to hide my emotions when i'm around others
{x} Childish:
{x} Independent:
{x} Hard working:
when i want to
{x} Organized:
not at all!
{x} Healthy:
i think i am.
{x} Emotionally stable:
for the most part
{x} Shy:
{x} Difficult:
i can be pretty stubborn
{x} Attractive:
some people think i am. i think i'm OK looking
{x} Bored easily:
yes, but i'm also easily entertained
{x} Thirsty:
i have gatorADE by me in case i am
{x} Responsible:
when i want to be
{x} Sad:
{x} Happy:
{x} Trusting:
too much for my liking, but yes
{x} Talkative:
i'm usually suspiciously quiet, but once i get started, i have a hard time shutting up
{x} Original:
{x} Different:
{x} Unique:
oh yes!
{x} Lonely:
sometimes, but my computer keeps me company. i usually feel lonely when i'm among a big group of people and everyone else is talking and i'm quiet. then i feel really lonely and sad.
{x} Color your hair?
{x} Have tattoos?
{x} Piercings?
used to have my ears pierced
{x} Have a boyfriend :
i have friends that are boys...
{x} Floss daily?
{x} Own a webcam?
{x} Ever get off the damn computer?
to eat and sleep and go to class and meetings, but that's about it
{x} Sprechen sie deutsche?
{x} Habla espanol?
si! te gustas agua?
{x} En Francaise?
uh... apparently "preservative" means "condom" if you pronounce it the french way... that's what laura said anyway...

Currents ::
{x} Current Clothes:
big flumpy blue sweatshirt, plain black t-shirt, old stained worn jeans with a big hole at the crotch (haha), green socks, spongebob shoes, *underwear*, and a pentacle necklace. it's my "super prude" outfit
{x} Current Mood:
fine, thanks for ASking!
{x} Current Taste:
orange gatorade!
{x} Current Hair:
down and kinda messy, as usual
{x} Current Annoyance:
AIM had issues 4 times tonight
{x} Current Smell:
{x} Current thing you ought to be doing:
reading homework or sleeping
{x} Current Desktop Picture:
my mannequin in the jelly bean rain installation project
{x} Current Favorite Group:
hedwig and the angry inch
{x} Current Book:
not really pleasure reading anything now... just school books (jane eyre, shakespeare, etc.)
{x} Current DVD In Player:
dragon half
{x} Current Refreshment:
for the 3rd time, orange gatorade!
{x} Current Worry:
getting behind in schoolwork
{x} Current Crush:
a fading one on ben... *sigh* i'm so used to being single and prudish it doesn't matter that much. it's like an emotional inconvenience. i think i'd rather just be friends with him anyway.
{x} Current Favorite Celebrity:
tori amos!

Favorite ::
{x} Food:
strawberry ice cream, ramen noodles, chicken pot pie
{x} Drink:
apple juice, and (yet again) orange gatorade
{x} Colour:
{x} Shoes:
powepuff girls!
{x} Candy:
strawberry pez!
{x} TV Show:
full house, spongebob squarepants
{x} Movie:
too many to name, current absolute favorite is hedwig and the angry inch (and nobody is surprised...)
{x} Dance:
funky chicken!
{x} Vegetable:
{x} Fruit:

On Dating ::
{x} Long or short hair?
reeeeeeally long on girls (it's just so pretty!) and on guys dark shoulder-length wavy hair... (yes, i'm thinking of aragorn... so help me he's incredibly good-looking...)
{x} Dark or blond hair?
dark but a nice shade of brown is good, and red hair looks awesome on girls
{x} Tall or short?
short! unless they're big and round and teddy bearish (like hagrid!)
{x} Mr Sensitive or Mr Funny?
mr funny with a big soft spot
{x} Good or bad ?
delightfully evil yet harmless (like so many of my friends...)
{x} Dark or light eyes?:
doesn't matter. i don't look at eyes usually. it's often the hair that gets my attention
{x} Hat or no hat?
no hat
{x} Pierced or no?
maybe one or two, but that's it, and no obscure or sexual areas. that creeps me out.
{x} Freckles or none?
doesn't matter, as long as they aren't totally covered with them

Other ::
{x} Chocolate milk or hot chocolate?
{x} McDonalds or Burger King?
{x} Marry the perfect lover or the perfect friend?
perfect friend that knows how to... yeah...
{x} Sweet or sour?
{x} Root Beer or Dr. Pepper?
root beer
{x} Sappy :: action :: comedy :: horror?
{x} Cats or dogs?
{x} Ocean or Pool?
ocean, though i don't swim
{x} Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese?
{x} Mud or Jell-O wrestling?
jello! i want to try that sometime...
{x} With or without ice-cubes?
without. the ice is annoying and temperature doesn't matter as long as it isn't warm
{x} Shine or rain?
{x} Winter :: Summer :: Fall :: Spring?
{x} Vanilla or Chocolate?
{x} Gloves or mittens?
{x} Eyes open or closed?
{x} Fly or breathe under water?
{x} Bunk-bed or waterbed?
neither! bunk beds scare me, and water beds are so squooshy and weird. give me a regular double bed and i'll be happy!
{x} Chewing gum or hard candy?
{x} Motor boat or sailboat?
i'm not a boat person, but i like the speedboat in vermont
{x} Lights on or off?
{x} Chicken or fish?

What's your favorite ::
{x} Number?
87 1/2
{x} Holiday?
{x} Radio station?
don't listen to the radio
{x} Place?
the woods (but not at night - i've seen too many horror movies)
{x} Flower?
{x} Scent?
vanilla, fresh cut grass

Just a few more ::
{x} If you could be anywhere, where would you be?
in a castle overlooking a beautiful lake... during a thunderstorm!
{x} What would you be doing?
gazing out the window with my knight in disco ball armor (i have such a medieval fantasy life...)
{x} What are you listening to?
the computer humming, sporadically music
{x} Can you do anything freakish with your body?
not that i know of, but i can do the mighty elf swing... *shakes arm fat*
{x} Do you have a favorite animal, no matter how lame it may be?
chimpanzees! and elephants! and zebras! and black cats! i just love animals...

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