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wow. i don't know why laura decided to call me around midnight, but she did. nothing like trying to talk when you're in a zombie-like state and trying to fight the urge to play game boy because that's all you did during the day (i seriously did nothing productive - gaaaaah!)

-What's on your bedside table?
no bedside table here (but i lined up my cactus and a bunch of little stuffed animals on the heater), and at home there's a kachina doll lamp my grandpa made when he was a teenager, a clock radio, and whatever random junk i put there

-What is the geekiest part of your music collection?
isn't all my music geeky? *shrug* well, i have a village people cd. and i admit it.

-What do you eat when you raid the fridge late at night?
i'm too lazy to raid the fridge. if i'm hungry i either go to sleep hungry or eat some candy

-What is your secret guaranteed weeping movie?
lilo and stitch, because i'm always either laughing hysterically or sobbing, sometimes both

-If you could have plastic surgery, what would you have done?
me no want that! but if i HAD to, i'd have my chest adjusted a little bit (no implants though - yuck!)

-Do you have a completely irrational fear?
vampires and calling people

-What is the little physical habit that gives away your insecure moment?
i have lots of little physical habits thanks to my neurological issues. but when i'm really embarrassed i'll quiver uncontrollably for a few minutes until i settle down

-Do you ever have to beg?
i don't beg for anything, and i don't think i ever have.

-Are you a pyromaniac?
usually no, but if i'm holding something that's on fire, i'm really tempted to light a whole bunch of things on fire...

-Do you have too many love interests?
nah, usually just 1 or 2 crushes and a bunch of what i call "potentials" that aren't really crushes but i find them interesting...

-Do you know anyone famous?
yeah, kinda. i met john stamos (uncle jesse on full house) when i was 11 very briefly, and i know a bunch of relatively well-known authors

-Describe your bed:
in my dorm, it's this wooden twin thing with a small mattress, dark green sheets, and 2 pillows, plus random stuff scattered all over it. at home, it's this REALLY old tiger maple double frame (it's pretty but dilapidated) that squeals and groans with the slightest movement. i have a denim-blue comforter, and the sheets are usually either the same denim blue or red flannel.

-Spontaneous or plan:
well when things are planned i stick to them. but then something always comes along and foils my plans, and frankly, spontaneous stuff irritates me. but i don't plan ahead too far so i can leave room for stuff that always pops up

-Who should play you in a movie about your life?
either me or this younger girl i know who looks a lot like me (her name is brie, she's in 8th grade, and she used to be in girl scouts with my sister. during my senior year of high school, a few girls in my grade saw her and thought she was me or at least my younger sister. that was odd, but i find it amusing...)

-Do you know how to play poker?

-What do you carry with you at all times?
student ID, keys, and a pencil

-How do you drive?
i always go 1-5 miles over the speed limit because i'm a dork. i hate driving.

-What do you miss most about being little?
*smirk* i don't miss being little at all! but if you mean young, then it would probably be getting to do more fun things. before i started school, my parents took me everywhere. we'd go visit relatives all the time, go to different states, go to museums, go to vermont at the beginning of july and watch the fireworks from don willard's boat... all the good stuff. then i started school and we just stayed put for most of the year, especially after my sister was born. one kid was enough for them to handle, and 2 just tied them down too much. my life was great before katie came along. then when she was born, everything disintegrated. i used to have a great relationship with my family, but when katie came along it just disappeared. i haven't felt anything for them since. and we don't do as many fun things. oh well...

-Are you happy with your given name?
no. i like the shortened form of my name, but i don't like my full name, and for some reason i've always despised my middle name. my last name is fine though.

-What color is your bedroom?
the one here has off-white walls and brown floor tiles. the one at home has "chardonnay" walls and an ugly seafoam green carpet with zillions of stains on it

-What was the last song you were listening to?
i don't know, probably something by tori

-Have you ever been in a play?
several! i used to be into acting and everything. in 5th grade, spikeslustylove and i were in this halloween play together, and that's how we met. i have the videotape to prove it, muhahahahaaaa! then a little later i played becky (i partially created her character) in this "let's put on a show" thingy. when i went to catholic school, we did all kinds of little skits and things for mass or stations of the cross and other catholic events. then in 6th grade i played the leprechaun (what a perfect role...) in a shortened form of "o'halloran's luck" as part of a st. patrick's day performance. i looked rather fetching in a beard, shiny green outfit, and curly-toed shoes. after that, i pretty much disappeared from the stage and haven't gone back yet (though i miss acting...)

-Who are your best friends?
megan, laura, cj, spam, and a couple others

-Have you ever been in love?
not that i know of

-Do you talk a lot?
nope, i'm usually pretty quiet. i'm a listener, but once i get started i have a hard time shutting up.

-Do you like yourself and believe in yourself?
yes, i adore myself and think i rock. people only *think* i have low self-esteem...

-Have you ever done any illegal drugs?
not that i know of, unless you count taking midol in high school...

-Do you think you're cute?
in kind of a dumpy way

-Do poor, homeless, or starving people sometimes annoy you?
it just annoys me that they sit there all day and beg instead of doing useful stuff. yes, i know i just sit there all day too, and i'm pretty much mooching from my parents, but i DO work sometimes, when my dad nees me to do something. and i tried to get a job last year but failed. i think i should go to north carolina over the summer, i definitely have a better chance of getting a job there than in the pittsburgh area. anyway, homeless people. yes. if they ask me to just give them money, it annoys me. if they earn it, fine, but don't just ask for things.

-Do you consider yourself to be a nice person?
i hope so. i try to be polite and sweet and do good things.

-Do you spend more time with your girlfriend, boyfriend, or your friends?
uh... i only have friends, thanks. i spend too much time by myself though. it's weird, even if i see a group of my friends sitting somewhere in the dining hall, i go off and sit by myself unless they invite me. sometimes someone will come over and say "you are NOT sitting alone, come eat with us!" but i usually just eat in solitude. nothing wrong with that. i don't have any close friends here (i have lots of acquaintances and some regular friends, but nobody i feel really connected to, even though there are some people i'd really like to get to know better)

and that's it.

ade, go to bed.

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