Ade (agentfroot) wrote,

wow. "for better or for worse" is getting really interesting! gerald kissed april in the music room, they confessed their crushes on each other, and then 2 teachers caught them kissing! ahhh, middle school romance. glad it never happened to me. i hadn't read the strip online for a few days, but whew! *sings* april has a boyfriend! yes, i know it's kind of sad that i get all worked up over a cartoon romance. it's even weirder for me because april is a year or so younger than my sister (i think she's supposed to be around 12 now) and she's always been the kid of the family. oh well. it was also weird for me when elizabeth went trendy around 6 years ago. i read the strip so much i feel like part of the patterson family.

anyway, today's strip highly amused me...

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