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i have homework due tomorrow. so what did i do? play dragon warrior monsters 2 for hours? NO! play neopets? NO! make ramen noodles and lie in bed? NO! i watched my favorite movie! i actually hadn't watched hedwig in a while... weeks? maybe even a month or two? but it made me happy.

my dad and i emailed each other back and forth today. here was our conversation:

Hi Ade,
Check out the 2nd article down in the center section. I'm famous! Well, for 15 minutes anyway.
Tonight I'm also a guest lecturer at Seton Hill University. I'll be assigning MASSIVE amounts of homework to the senior class on entrepreneurship. They better have lots of relatives who work for NASA to help them with the assignments, too. Bwa ha ha!!!

well then, aren't YOU special! hehehe you kind of look like a mannequin in
the picture.
-ade (yes, i'm evil...)

Ha! Now, because of your comments, mannequins everywhere are revolting!

well, he DID look like a mannequin! he always looks so rigid and lifeless in pictures. not that my mannequin is rigid and lifeless, but you get the idea.

mrs. tweedy! the mannequins are revolting!
FINALLY something we agree on...

bonus points if you can name that reference.

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