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Hey, anyone know a good name for a female dwarf monk? I thought I brought my encyclopedia of magical names with me (very handy when I'm trying to name things), but I must have left it at home. Oh well. I'm going to play D&D for the first time, so I'm coming up with a character. Since I'm incredibly imaginative, it comes naturally to me, but coming up with a name is the hardest part. I struggle with it every time I write, and I'll even spend hours hunting for the perfect name for a minor character. Earlier today I said that "Lubert" is a cool name, but somehow I doubt it would suit my character. I had a story in my head a few weeks ago where my main character was a dwarf, and her name was going to be Amethyst (Amy for short), but I don't think that particular name suits the character I have in mind either. Oh well, I'll come up with something later.

Oh, and a big HELLO to audreym! HI Nicole/Chibi/Audrey/whatever you call yourself now! ET SMEW!!!!!! *giggles* I haven't seen you since graduation or maybe sometime after that...

Golem was fun this evening. There were no submissions to critique, so we drew pictures for the cover of the next issue. I drew a Valkyrie opera singer on one and somebody's belly on the other. It was quite fun.

Ack, I have lots of poems to critique and things to read for tomorrow! Must... go...

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