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today at the end of poetry class, jamie told me that when we were talking about flying in one girl's poem, she thought of "bombs are flying" from the big gay al song "i'm super" and thought of me. yesterday at the golem meeting we were talking about the antiwar poetry reading and i thought it would be fun to play that song since that's basically my attitude towards the war. "the whole world's gone to hell, but how are you?" so i started singing it and for a few minutes people were just talking about the song and singing it until they remembered we were supposed to be talking about the reading. hehehe i'm going to email prof. bakken (my poetry teacher who's in charge of the reading) and ask if i can play that song during the reading. so now i have it stuck in my head. yay.

my mom wants to come visit on saturday. in a way, that's good. it will give me something to do, we can go food shopping, etc. of course, that means i have to clean my room (get all the stuff off the floor, take the rug outside and beat the salt off, mop the floor, hide anything questionable, etc.), plus i have an exam, several essays, and other stuff due next week. but then again, on saturdays all i do is sit around and play game boy, so i never get anything done anyway.

um, ade... there's this thing called laundry that you need to do today because you didn't do it tuesday and you're wearing your "i need to do laundry" overalls. oh, right. guess i better take care of that so i'll have it all finished before fencing. bye!

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