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phew! what a day. last night i drew my D&D character and wrote some basic info about her. she still doesn't have a name, but i came up with a few. after dinner, i went over to the quad and got a lot of help creating her, and i am going to have one kickass character! for one thing, the first (and highest) stat i rolled was an 18... that went to wisdom. the lowest i rolled was 11, that went to charisma. since she's a dwarven monk, she's in a really interesting situation, and we gave her some powerful skills. though she'll be fighting with her fists, she'll be able to knock her enemies down and just beat the living shit out of them. not bad for someone who's only 3 foot 10, eh? ha, beware of the little people! she's almost completed, i just have to come up with a name and a few other thing, then fill out a character sheet. this is going to be fun, and even though some of the stuff is kind of confusing, i'm a smart kid. i'll get the hang of it.

my mom and katie are visiting tomorrow (either they're really bored or going through ade withdrawal or both), so i'm cleaning my room. yes, that is very shocking. of course, once i have my room as clean as i can possibly make it, my mom will still manage to scrape an inch of dust from somewhere i've neglected and then spend an hour cleaning my room for me because i'm too incompetent to do it myself and she can be a perfectionist like that. *sigh*

why are there so many killer cliffhangers in bubblegum crisis?

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