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well, my mom and sister came to visit today. they decided to stay at a nearby bed and breakfast so they could see me tomorrow, so when we went there the guy kept talking to us for a really long time. but he was nice. for lunch we went to the chinese buffet because i've never been there and i love chinese buffets. for dinner we went to perkins. we also went to walfart and i got a new rug (with a sun and stars and planets on it!) and more gatorade. when we came back, katie wanted to edit a picture in photoshop, so i gave her a random one (from anita's farewell party last semester, the one of her with her "harem" hehehe) and she proceeded to go crazy with the paint application. wow. that was... interesting. she also had to touch everything in my room, and she kept playing with my rocky horror action figures (and velma too).

i resisted temptation today! go me! when we were at walfart, i was in the electronics section, gazing longingly at all the cool computer games.

shoulder angel: no ade, you just got a new game boy game, and you've already wasted too much time on that.
shoulder devil: ooh, look! civilization 3! OOOOOOOO!!!!! age of mythology! you have to get that!
angel: no you don't!
devil: but it's so cool!
angel: it's almost 50 bucks.
devil: damn! well then get one of the 20-30 dollar ones!
angel: no! you're already behind in all your classes because you spend too much time on the computer
devil: screw college! you don't want to be there anyway! carpe diem, baby!
angel: um, isn't your mom waiting for you?
devil: buy something!
ade: shut up, both of you! i can't think!
devil: these games are so cool...
angel: you want to graduate...
devil: shut up, miss perfect!
angel: you shut up, slacker!
ade: ARGH! i can't take it any more! i'm leaving!
angel: ade, you rock. i love you.
devil: ade, you suck. you're so boring!
ade: leave me alone! *throws angel and devil into the lingerie section*
angel: eek, bras! get me out of here!
devil: hehehe check out the rack on this mannequin...

the end.

well, megan frantically IMed me and i called her, so i got 2 tickets for the pittsburgh tori show in march. YAY we're going to see tori again! *shivers in antici....pation!*

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