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well, this morning i went over to the bed and breakfast where mom and katie were staying, and we had breakfast (the man there invited me since he's nice and wants my help on some projects since i'm good at writing/editing and computer stuff). my tummy felt weird when i woke up, but i felt better after eating. last night i had a tummy ache because even though i know that whenever i have mashed potatoes and gravy at a restaurant it makes me feel funny, i had it anyway. i love mashed potatoes and gravy, it's just that if it isn't really the homemade kind, it disturbs my system. blah. anywho, after mom and katie left i was able to tackle some studying.

since i have a terrible laziness/procrastination problem, i didn't read any of the chapters i was supposed to. i have a stats exam tomorrow. so i'm trying to cram reading/highlighting 5 chapters into less than 2 days. it's not fun. i also tend to get distracted, and recently i've been having these trichotillomania (compulsive hair-pulling) attacks. so i end up reading the same paragraph for 5 minutes while yanking on my hair. i swear, it takes me twice as long to read because i get so distracted with my thoughts, and then i end up mutilating my hair. i looked in the mirror and i'm getting this little bald spot at the back of my part. i can't control myself, and it makes me want to cry. but i managed to read 3 chapters so far, and i have until 2:30 tomorrow to read the last two. tonight i'm also supposed to go see a movie for one of my classes. bah. i WILL do well on the test! i may get easily distracted, but i WILL finish reading the chapters, and i'll understand EVERYTHING! if i get a B, everything will be hunky-dory. it's a good thing i have a really high IQ, because if i was of average intelligence, i'd never be able to understand anything while frantically studying, and college would be too much for me. oh well.

the good news is, i'm attempting self-help as far as trichotillomania goes. i know a really good online support group, and today i went to and got a book on trichotillomania and a workbook for breaking bad habits (i need this for several reasons - it helps with all kinds of bad habits, including trich, internet addiction, procrastination, oversleeping, etc.). let's just hope i don't go bald this year. in junior high i yanked out nearly half my hair, and i REALLY don't want to repeat that! it took years to grow back. but if i do end up with some serious bald spots, i could always get a hedwig wig.... on second thought, no. bleach blond doesn't suit my personality, and the "wings" would look silly on me. *sigh* maybe i should just get a reeeeeally long purple wig (but without the bangs). that would be fun.

nobody answered my poll. oh well. i'm leaning towards "arditiarenne" anyway (maybe she could go by "ren" for short, and she'll probably acquire a weird nickname after beating the crap out of monsters with her bare fists...).

well, i'm off to dinner, then i'll try to do a little reading before the movie. ick, i have to do dishes too, since my mom and sister wanted tea and hot chocolate yesterday.

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