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gaaaaaaaah, i hate my FS! we always have to do these close reading assignments, and of course I always wait til the last minute to do them (like waking up at 6:30 when i have a 9:30 class). of course, this is the week when everything is happening.

but i already did my poetry assignment! now all i have to do is memorize this other poem so i can recite it, but i'm good at memorizing things. here's the poem i wrote last night (a rough draft):

A Knight to Remember

My dinner charges in, waving a toothpick above his head,
another foil-wrapped delicacy for me to savor.
My novel drops to the floor, forgotten
as I turn to greet him.
Princess? What princess?
Oh, that princess, she's my personal assistant.
You can't have her.
Hey, don't poke me with that!
The flames shoot from my jaws.
Mmmm, nothing like freshly toasted knight.
Peeling back the thin layer of useless metal,
I test to see if my entr�e is cooked.
Perfect, well done yet not charred.
A foolish man, probably in his early thirties.
His flesh is still tender, just the right age.
I call to my assistant, she sets the table.
She doesn't care for human flesh,
probably because she's human herself.
Squirting some ketchup on my plate,
I cut off part of a leg.
Daintily spearing it with my fork,
I dip it before my first bite.
Plump and juicy, with a nice crunch.
Poking a straw into a keg of wine,
I wash it down.
Grapey zest and meat mix in my mouth.
What a fine combination.
I enjoy my meal in candle-lit solitude,
thanking the Gods for continually sending me foil-wrapped meat.
I save the head, for skulls make fine decorations.
Afterwards, I pick my teeth with his sword
before tossing it onto the pile of old charred armor and weapons.
I think I'll go back to my book now.

it was inspired by the phrase "never meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup." i wanted to write a delightful little poem about eating human flesh, and i had fun writing it.

*yawn* now to write 2-3 pages analyzing a passage from a book i've only partially read....

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