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why is it that i always end up writing essays and things an hour before class and then having printer errors and just baaaaaarely making it on time? it happens constantly. i wish i had the motivation to get things done THE NIGHT BEFORE so i could get 8 hours of sleep and wake up feeling at least half-decent and not be a slug for the rest of the day.

oh well. i turned my homework in.

and now, for something completely different that cracked me up yet made me cringe in sympathy pain...
(from gaea_truth's journal)
And God said "Let there be ice!"
And the people went "Wheee!" =SPLAT=

ouch. brings back memories of junior high, stepping off the bus and slipping twice in 10 seconds while everyone just laughed instead of helping me up... *sigh*

today is going to be busy. there's a meeting at noon, i have to memorize a poem before poetry class, tonight i have fencing, and it's a tuesday group movie night (apparently we're watching "amelie," which looks fun). plus, i have 2 shakespeare essays due tomorrow. will i wait until tomorrow morning to write them? probably. but that's ok, the class is at 1:30 so i won't have to wake up at 5 and panic.

i feel like setting up a scenario with my toys, taking pictures, and making a picture story. hmmm, maybe later.

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