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late night conversations are fun!

IMakeLanceHorny: there somethin you wanna tell me?
blupyglet: i'm pregnant with your child!
IMakeLanceHorny: Not again
blupyglet: yes! this is the third time!
IMakeLanceHorny: Man, we should stop getting drunk together.
blupyglet: yes. you should also find out why the heck you're producing sperm when you don't have testicles

*giggles evilly*

i forgot to mention this earlier, but i had a funny dream last night.
i was home in murrysville, and i decided to go to this computer lab somewhere. i had this weird dark purple scooter thingy with me, and i started riding down the hill on it. i was dragging my foot behind me because i was afraid of going too fast and falling over (i'm a wimp like that, especially after a biking accident on the hill when i was 10 or 11). i started scooting down the road, and i was suddenly in a computer lab. i saw a few argo people there, but i only remember seeing brandon and robertson. brandon was just kind of standing there, and robertson was at one of the computers. i sat down at the computer next to robertson, and i saw that he had a dark purple scooter too! but his was in perfect condition and mine was all squiggly and bent (i remembered that i tried to fold it in half for some reason and that's why it was bent). then he held his up and offered to give it away, and i wondered why he was doing that. then i was checking my email and i suddenly realized that star_of_fire had lived down the street from me for years but i never knew about it. then she just randomly appeared in the lab and i started talking to her, wondering why i never saw her when she supposedly lived down the street. then this weird old black nun-type lady came up behind us and either scolded me or told me something. i don't remember anything else. but that was odd, especially with the guest appearance of an lj friend i've never met who lives on the other side of the country. *snickers*

wow, i posted a lot today.

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