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another bizarre dream to report! it started when my parents decided to move to what was apparently an apartment/house in northern PA. so we had apparently moved there, and i was playing some sort of game with people there (i know there was at least one guy around, but i didn't remember who he was or who anyone else was). we were trying to find a way to get somewhere, and i jumped from one ledge in a room to another. i held belle (my cat) up to the open window to see what she would do, and she walked out onto the roof. we suddenly realized that the roof led somewhere, so we went through this door nearby and saw that apparently there was an enormous "fire escape" that was big enough to be a house itself. we went to it, and it was basically this big covered porch, with different levels and furniture and everything. i went down some steps and saw this center thingy and saw that it had an "anime machine." i thought it was the coolest thing ever, but i didn't know what it did. i then realized i had a room on the "fire escape" and went to check it out. i don't remember what most of the room looked like, but i saw this nice entertainment center with a big tv, videos and stuff, and another anime machine. the machine had a note on it saying it was broken because some kids kicked it, but i figured i could use it anyway. so i turned it on and on the tv screen it had a picture of an asian woman and it said that if i put in an anime picture, it would post it on the wall or come up with a costume pattern or something. i thought, "what kind of weird device is THIS?!" then this repairman guy was behind me and said he fixed the problem, and he handed me a box with apparently the upgrade inside. i looked at the box, and it was basically an anime/rpg photoshop thing where you could take screenshots and make little pictures from them. i thought it was cool, but i still didn't know what to do with it. i noticed that there was a vcr/dvd player, and there were videos, magazines, dvds, etc. on the shelf. i saw this zelda playstation 2 game and got really excited, especially when i realized that there was a playstation 2 there. then my sister showed up and i told her about all the cool electronic things in my room, and she just gave me a weird look and said, "playstation 2 sucks." after that, i was apparently going to this funeral buffet for my nana. there were lots of people there, and i was wondering where i could sit. on the way in, my nana walked past me, which was really weird considering she's dead. but i figured her ghost decided to join us. i walked over to where there was only one chair available, and i saw this seating chart that my sister had apparently botched. i tried to rearrange it, and the names disappeared from it. then i heard my uncle jon laughing, and he showed me something my sister had written. she was trying to write one word (i forget what it was), but she had written something else and the word began with "satan." i found it hilarious. then i figured out the seating chart and saw that i was sitting across the table from tamora pierce (i don't know why she was there, but i thought it was cool). my sister came up to me and i told her about the word she wrote, and then i said (while laughing really hard), "you'll never be a professional writer!" apparently she had some liquid in her mouth, and she looked like she was going to spew it out in laughter, so i pushed her away and she sprayed it all over my arm. she kept laughing, i was horrified, and all the adults were yelling at her. then i said "and you'll also never be a professional sword swallower stunt double!" before getting up to go wash my arm and change clothes. i heard her yell, "nana is swearing!" i guess her ghost wasn't too happy about that. so i left feeling extremely angry and hurt, and i went to the new house to find a bathroom. all these men kept going in and coming out of this corridor of bathrooms, and for some reason i was holding my clothing up to me because it wanted to fall off (i hate it when that happens in dreams... i think it represents my fear of others seeing me either physically or emotionally naked). i finally found an empty bathroom and pushed the door open and saw someone inside - but i realized it was a mannequin. then i realized there was one in the kitchen too, and i wondered if we had 2 mannequins or if this was the same one in a different place. she was dressed kind of like yitzhak except with a blue wig, and i wondered if it would be too weird going to the bathroom with her there. but i figured she was a mannequin and it was ok. then i thought i saw a little boy looking in the frosty window and went to look out. i saw a black umbrella outside, but that was it. then i think i drifted awake. weird.

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