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My RA stopped by today and gave me a cup full of candy! Yay! Candy makes me happy! I got some of those candy hearts, but I think they're sweettarts or something, not the disgusting kind that tastes like Tums. Blech, I never eat the regular kind. I got other stuff too, along with the cup. It's red and has pink and purple hearts all over it, but it reminds me of art class at Mrs. Paulson's house back in high school when she'd give us koolaid in the pink heart cups, and while I appreciated the koolaid, I hated the cups. Ah, the memories. I miss taking art lessons. I used to take them with Heather and whoever else showed up, and I made some pretty interesting things. I started in 9th grade then just kind of stopped going by my senior year because Heather stopped going and I really wasn't learning anything new (after taking all those pre-college classes at CMU and doing figure drawing and electronic media, no wonder I got bored with it). Wow, I went from talking about candy to reminiscing about art lessons. Ooh, I just noticed that the cup is kinda sparkly up close!


I realized something today. I have a bizarre interest in researching mental disorders and things like that. And I tend to "diagnose" people with disorders if I hear they have certain problems, even if I don't know them. Like when I was watching LOTR2, I kept thinking that Golem/Smiegel had a serious case of MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder). I've even diagnosed myself with half a dozen disorders, but I probably only have 1 or 2 of them, if any. Sheesh. Maybe I should just become a psychiatrist so I won't just sporadically diagnose people with things. Then I'll have a basis behind my judgments and then I can say "You need Zoloft!" or something. Isn't "Zoloft" a cool name? I named the hero in one of my computer games after an antidepressant. Wow, I'm weird. I'd probably make more money as a psychiatrist than a writer, but I'd have to go through more schooling and I'm sick of school (I've been going to school every single year since I was 3, no wonder I'm tired of it - if I want a decent career, I'll wait for a few years after college and see how harsh the "real world" is before I go back to school).

that's enough from me today.

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