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another weird dream! i was going to see hewig live for the first time, and i went to sit down. there were no chairs, so i found some nearby and dragged them over. one of my friends who i haven't seen in a while came and sat almost in front of me but then realized she was blocking my view. then spikeslustylove showed up and sat by me. i had a bag of cheese popcorn with me, and i was excited to see the show. hedwig came and performed "tear me down," which was awesome, but then everyone else left and hedwig just kind of stood there and talked to the audience for a while. it was ok for a few minutes, but (s)he kept going on and on about boring, non-hedwig stuff. i somehow ended up on stage, in this house setting where a bathtub or jacuzzi was. i was peering out of the bathroom at hedwig and the audience, and then i decided to go sit in the audience again. hedwig handed me a bag of chips and told me never to carry around 20 bags of chips at the same time. i went to sit down, and my cheese popcorn was missing. i asked spam where it was, and she said this guy (i went to high school with him, and he's also at allegheny) took my popcorn. i sat down, but i was upset because i wanted my cheese popcorn, dammit! hedwig came over and gave me more chips and one of those fruit by the foot things and a bag of some other snack. i kept watching, but hedwig was being really boring and not hedwig-ish, so i eventually left. i passed a table with magazines on it, and i found some little cards that were advertising the show. i took a bunch because i wanted the pictures of hedwig even though the show really sucked.
later on, i had this vision that hedwig was really a twin. i saw a little boy and girl in the kitchen. the boy was hansel and the girl was hedwig. hansel looked like he did in the movie, and hedwig had blond pigtails. both parents were there and they seemed to have a happy family. i then realized that this dealt with the "origin of love" thing and they were each other's "other half" because they were twins. i also realized that during "sugar daddy," when hedwig sang "hansel needs some sugar in his bowl," she was referring to her long-lost brother. suddenly everything apparently made sense, even though i wasn't sure who the real hedwig was - little hansel, little hedwig, or a combination. i then read something about how the actor who played hansel died at age 10 (NO!) but he had a little brother who looked just like him. that was really all i remember. gosh, i'm obsessed. the damn musical is influencing my dreams! oh well, that's what i get for looking up hedwig stuff on ebay late at night (at least i didn't buy another mannequin...).

*wanders off humming "sugar daddy"*

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