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my friend cyndi from rdtrn just sent me all the y kant tori read songs. some are pretty good, and i can't see why the band flopped. "etienne" is one of the most beautiful songs i've ever heard. of course, i keep thinking she's singing "adrienne" (my real name), but that's ok. so pretty...

we were discussing ideas for videos to tori songs, and i helped her with an idea for another "hey jupiter" video that takes place before the actual video. then i came up with an idea for an "amber waves" video where tori visits amber in her trailer park, amber looks in the mirror and remembers her past, there's a flashback where amber was tori's babysitter and gives little tori a makeover, then it returns to the present and tori and amber go outside, tori takes amber's hand, and together they fly. it's just an idea. if i ever re-learn director, i might make it into a cartoon.

i made laura happy. she sent me this link to a yahoo auction for an imitation emerald cross necklace, and since it was affordable and her birthday is in two months, i bid on it. she found out and rejoiced, so i did my good deed for the day. *grins*

i just made some ramen. mmm, food...

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