Ade (agentfroot) wrote,

a couple days ago i discovered homestar runner, so i've been entertaining myself thoroughly. heeheehee my favorite characters are strong sad (i want to give him a hug!), homsar, and strong bad. and "age of mythology" continues to drain my time away. and why am i no working on the stuff that's due tomorrow? typical ade.

the following conversation at dinner highly amused me (evil thom was accusing brandon of stealing his happiness):
evil thom: you stole my pornography collection!
good tom: you stole my crochet collection!
evil thom: you stole my crochet pornography collection!
ade: (convulsing in laughter) crochet pornography? wonder what that's like...
brandon: you have these old grandmothers... hungarian grandmothers... in babushkas!
evil thom: all sitting there, crocheting pornography...

*giggles* i guess it's one of those "suppose you had to be there" deals.

my sister signed my web site's guest book again... ye gods, the girl needs to learn spelling, punctuation, and grammar. and this is MY sister? here's what she wrote:

name, please? : katie Conway (your sis)
and how exactly do you know me? : i was born into the same family. (unfortunately)
now what is your email address? : i kinda got kicked off cuz i didnot go on 4 6months
and your web site? : Dont have one
did you expect the spanish inquisition? : nobody expects the spanish inquidition!
NOBODY expects the spanish inquisition! : hay thats what i just said!,coppy cat!
would you like to buy some fruitcake? : yuck, no way would i spend my money on that crap
anything else? : hay yo minime look at me bro,what happened betwen us? we were tight but then you joined the good side with Austin Powers! I hate you, im sorry minime ill shut up now

i am impressed that she spelled "unfortunately" correctly though.

ok. enough from me for now.

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