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today i pulled off another "procrastination paper." well, it was only a 2-page essay on viola's role in "twelfth night" and it only took an hour to do. but i think i did a pretty good job on it (i didn't repeat myself 273856780 times like i usually do!) and i called viola a "sweet transvestite" (since she poses as a man for most of the play).

tomorrow will be my first time playing d&d (i hope i filled out the character sheet sufficiently enough... i think i just have to figure out hit points and stuff). i made a little character from my harry potter legos that vaguely resembles my character. she's basically the love child of dumbledore and mcgonagall (they would really make a great couple even though dumbledore is probably twice mcgonagall's age...) with harry's cape. ok, so she has long gray hair when she's supposed to be a young adult, and she looks grumpy, but that's good enough for now. all lego people look like dwarves, so that works. it would be cool to give her a little spear or wand or fire or something, but she fights with her bare fists (and has some pretty cool fist attacks too). legos are so much fun. i'm more of a fan of the old legos i had 15 years ago that required imagination instead of presenting you with special pieces and step-by-step instructions, but harry potter legos rock, and they were one of my favorite christmas presents (i got a pretty good haul this year though... even though i'll have to wait a couple years to use the toaster oven since they're not allowed in the dorms). of course, legos always reminds me of laura's weird anti-sexual metaphors, but that's ok.

woohoo, half an hour until tuesday group! i haven't done much writing recently (except for lj), so i really need to flex my creative muscles. oh, but i did write a poem for my poetry class yesterday. it's about the summer home in vermont, and i added the ghost element. after my nana's funeral last month, my sister said to me, "isn't it sad that nana will never get to see vermont again?" i said no because now that she's not limited by the physical realm, her spirit can go wherever she pleases. so i figured she'd want to go to vermont and visit the lake and hang out with all the other ghosts that probably frequent the place (her aunt gee, who bought the place a really long time ago, "grammy jane" who i think was pop pop's stepmother, plus all the animals - petra the dog and her favorite cats, george, sumi, and emma). i figure once you're dead, your spirit can travel anywhere in the world, and once you're ready, you can cross over to what wiccans call "summerland" (i just call it "purgatory" because that's a cooler word, even though my vision of it is nothing like purgatory). there you kind of rest for a while until you're ready to be reborn. of course, i have no idea what really happens since i'm still alive, but i like to think that's what happens. when i die, i'm going to be a "happy phantom" and go chasing the nuns out in the yard... yes, i've decided that "happy phantom" will be played at my funeral, whenever that is.

anyway, here's the poem:


"At Wilden, welcome ever smiles
and farewell goes out sighing."
On the edge of Lake Champlain,
across from the Palisades and Barn Rock Harbor,
a cottage awaits the newest ghost.
Shut down for the winter,
resting until spring brings the family to Vermont again,
it peers over the edge of the cliff at a vast lake of ice,
with perhaps a few scattered fishing huts, the only signs of life.
Only echoes of memories
and ghosts of cats, dogs, and old ladies keep it company.
Built way before I was born "or thought of,"
constantly renovated and upgraded,
the log cabin watches over the family.
Babies morph into chattering children, bored teenagers, then adults
who in turn bring their children to the house
before they wane into the old folks who sit on the porch,
resting their repaired knees and sipping Orangina.
Every summer is a new adventure,
more boat rides, more Scrabble, more steak dinners,
more for the cottage to host
like a crazy party where the guests come and go and keep returning
year after year.
In January, the old woman finally met her demise,
and now her spirit seeks its place with the familiar cottage.
The family grieves, but she is still there with them.
She and the other ghosts wait for them,
waiting for them to join the post-mortem reunion
at Wilden.

ahhhh now i have "happy phantom" in my head. must... play... song...

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