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muhahahahaaaaa i just scarred evil thom for life! we were at dinner, and i was telling people about the lego character i made. when i said it was basically the love child of dumbledore and mcgonagall, he got really freaked out by the mental image and said he'd never be able to watch the harry potter movies again. *giggles* ok, maybe "love child" wasn't the right term... oh well. maybe i'll bring a rock or something to the game in case he threatens to annhilate me for using my poor lego character.

the game is in an hour and a half. i'm nervous. i'm going to lose my d&d virginity (another unpleasant mental image, sorry). i'm pretty sure i filled out at least most of the character sheet correctly, and i have a general idea of what goes on in the game. of course, some of the biggest nerds i know will also be playing, and they can help me figure things out. but most importantly, i'll try to have fun, and my dwarf will kick some ass. hooray for the little people!

my hairy cactus looks kinda sick. maybe that was because it was sitting on the heater for a month before i moved it. it doesn't look as hairy as it used to. maybe it needs some hairy cactus food. or maybe it needs to be watered more than twice a month like the tag thingy said. well, i'll figure it out.

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