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ack. lj wouldn't work for the past DAY! oh well.

i'm a dumhead. i was playing the "age of mythology" trial version and ended up missing dinner and a movie i was supposed to see for class. i eventually had dinner, but i still feel annoyed at myself. i just have this terrible computer addiction problem.

speaking of problems, i keep yanking my hair out in one spot. it's getting pretty nasty. i got some books on trichotillomania but they went to my parents' house (proofread your orders first, ade...). gaaaah i probably won't go home until march 14th, so i won't have my books. phooey. and then my parents will get on my case because i'll probably have a weird bald spot. pthhhh. i hate this stupid disorder. *whines*

but anyway, yesterday's game was interesting. things went fairly well even though i didn't really know what i was doing. but brandon was next to me and he really helped me out and filled in the blanks on my character sheet and stuff. of course, i didn't really know how to battle so they had to tell me what to do for a few rounds (and decided that sometime this week they'll have to teach me since we didn't have time when matt was helping me create my character). but i'm getting the hang of it. and i killed someone in my first battle! woohoo! well, i had a little help, but i still smashed the duergar's face in and basically broke his neck. there were a few minor character errors during the game, but they were fixed and everything was hunky-dory once again.

so here's a synopsis of my first d&d game, day 1:

brandon, evil thom, forrest, and matt are the other players, and robertson is the dm (or gm - one of those... they're synonyms, aren't they?). i'm playing arditiarenne (ren for short), a dwarven monk (yes, that is a weird combination) and the only female. apparently i'm the only "normal" race there. anyway, we began in the great hall of a human city, and after introductions, we found out our mission: to find out what's happening between the duergar and drow. we went to a dwarven village, which was interesting. the others had a bit of a hard time adjusting to the inn (being taller and everything), but it was perfect for me. evil thom's manticore caused a bit of a stir, but everything turned out fine. after a good night's sleep (for me anyway - i don't know how the others adjusted to the beds, even the ones made for humans and taller races), we acquired a guide and went through these huge doors underground. we came to a fork in the tunnel, and those of us with good hearing (especially me) could baaaaarely make out battle noises coming from the drow side. so we investigated and found a group of duergar ambushing a drow caravan. pretty nasty, everything on fire, no drow survivors... anyway, matt went to investigate, the others kind of snuck around, and i stayed put just to be on the safe side. the others surrounded 4 of the 5 surviving duergar (one was wounded and not a threat) and demanded information. the duergar decided to fight, so i revealed myself and we took care of the little bastards and found out that our guide screams like a little girl. i smashed one's face in and broke his neck, even when he was blurred (forrest helped a little since there were 5 of us and 4 of them). behold the fists of death, muhahahahahahahaaaaa! of course, i have some amazing stats, a decent array of feats and skills, and a bunch of interesting items, thanks to matt's help. after we killed the last one, we demanded info from the wounded one, but he refused to cooperate and when we let him go, he disappeared before we could kill him. we searched the bodies, found a few potions we couldn't identify, then headed to one of the drow cities. they were in the middle of a ritual, so they couldn't let us in... unless we took care of a raiding party for them. we agreed, then decided to rest and call it quits for the night since we had been playing for 3 hours and had classes in the morning. tune in next week for the next episode.

well, i probably won't get to live at the writers' house next year after all. phooey. the annoying thing is, half the people who are going to live there never (or almost never) come to tuesday group or golem (some do the allegheny review though). it's basically just a group of friends that managed to get the house. *grumbles* i really wanted to live there, too. i know i'm not the only disappointed one - a few others who are serious about writing didn't make it. yet a bunch of people who aren't even involved in the groups are going to live there instead of us. of course, half the people who are going to live there are actively involved in at least one or two of the groups, and they're great people. i have no problem with them at all. it's just the others who aren't active in the groups that annoy me. ah well. my friends who are going to live there said that we can all visit any time we want, and they'll have a library and other nifty things. so that's cool anyway. plus, i have a good room draw number, so i'm definitely going for a single. singles are awesome. no pesky roommates with boyfriends that talk on the phone at 2 am, and i don't have to change in the closet (i'm ridiculously modest like that). not that my roommate last year was bad or anything. she was nice, we got along 95% of the time, and i even got along with her boyfriend. i just prefer living by myself so i can feel free to do as i please, completely trash the room (last year i still made a huge mess, but i confined it to my half of the room), etc. so i'd better get a good single on either the ground floor or the 1st floor of brooks (or walker, walker annex, hulings... it's all the same building anyway...). i like this building because it's girls only and it has a dining hall in it (the worst dining hall on campus, but at least they have pasta, cereal, and ice cream). dude... next year i'll be a junior. then college will be halfway over. *sigh* only 2 1/2 years left, then i can move somewhere and get a job and an apartment and a cat...

this exceptionally long post is brought to you by ADE, who will be going to bed now.

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