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i had an awesome dream last night! megan and i were at the tori concert, and for some reason, my parents and sister were there too (my dad likes tori for the most part, but my mom and sister don't). they were sitting a few rows behind us. for some reason i got up from my seat and went to the side of the theatre and there was this bar (like a trapeze) hanging there. so i was hanging from it by my arms, swinging my legs around and trying to do weird hanging poses. tori was doing the same thing on stage, though for some reason she decided to get naked (i'm sure this was supposed to be symbolic, not my mind being perverted...). she started singing something, i don't remember what, and then i sat down with megan again. i remember telling my parents that she would probably do some encores. then megan and i decided to change seats, so we went to another section, and i was carrying this long corded thing. it reached its limit, so i couldn't go any farther. then for some reason megan poked the back of my hand. it wasn't very hard, but it hurt so i yanked my hand away and the cord thing snapped. i then realized it had been attached to my ticket, which was apparently by the entrance, but we went to sit down. of course, there were a bunch of tall people in front of us so i couldn't really see (i hate it when that happens!). these people dressed in weird outfits (i don't remember what they looked like) started dancing around on stage, and then tori came out and we were pretty much looking over a balcony almost directly on top of her. i don't remember much about what happened after that, but it was pretty neat having a tori dream.

well, it's friday. what's in store for ade? well, 2 classes, some serious laziness and computer gaming, and anime. right now i'm sitting here in my bathrobe with wet hair, so the first priority is getting dressed. i already have socks and undies on, so that's a start.

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