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i'm happy! i was being a dork and playing "age of mythology" again, and my friends carolyn and jamie stopped by. they asked if i wanted to live with them next year at the writers house, so i got all excited and said yes and now i'm absolutely ecstatic. i was really really worried that i wouldn't get to live there next year, and a while ago i even typed out this long rant about it, but now i don't have to worry any more! all i have to do is sign something now, and things will be hunky-dory. the writers house is moving to a really big house with 2 bathrooms, laundry facilities, and a couple extra rooms. it's going to be the writers mansion. i know most of the people who are going to live there fairly well (many of them are in agp and/or golem), and i'm sure i'll get to know the others. i can get along with people pretty well. and they like hedwig and said i can play the soundtrack as much as i want (i know that really annoys some people, so i'm glad they like it). i'll probably be rooming with this girl i barely know (i've met her twice), but she seems nice. and we're going to have a KITTY! there's going to be something like 8 people living there (2 guys, 6 girls, as far as i know), so things will get interesting. i probably won't have as much alone time as i usually do (heck, it's "ade time" around 20 hours a day), but that's ok. i'll never be lonely. plus, there will be a kitchen with REAL food, and my housemates will have cars so we can leave the campus every so often. the house is near the agp house, which is great because i have friends there too, and jamie said chris will probably come over all the time. she said he thinks i'm cool, so that makes me happy. chris is neat.

*squeals* i'm just thrilled. i won't be able to sleep tonight.

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