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Maybe I should just let Strong Bad write the rough draft of my "Englilsh" paper due tomorrow. Gosh, today's email really hit the mark. *giggles* Mmmm... breakfast burritos...

Well, I'd better get going. I need to buy a new alarm clock since my old cheapo broken one sucks, and I have less than an hour until the Argo meeting and dinner, and after that I'll be busy learning how to actually play D&D instead of getting confused and having other people tell me how to roll. I also really need to do laundry, but I can do that tonight when I'm writing my "Englilsh" paper (or playing video games *cough*AgoOfMythology*cough* for several hours). I'm wearing overalls, which means I'm pretty much out of clean jeans that don't have holes in interesting locations. I think it's about time I learned to wear some of the other pants I have... like the fuzzy black ones or the really big raver-ish pants or even those two plain librarian-ish skirts I have. But I'd have to wear pants under them or I'd feel weird. I'd probably shock everyone too, because I never wear a dress or a skirt unless I'm in costume. Hmmm... it's been a while since I've gone to class in costume... since Halloween, in fact. And I used to go to high school in costume quite frequently, and not just during freak week (I dressed up on Halloween, my birthday, and the day when I gave my English final presentation on conceptions of witchcraft in Shakespearean times and how it related to Macbeth... hmmm, wonder if Prof. Bulman would give me extra credit if I recited the witch's spell, since we're currently studying Macbeth...). Wooo, there I go rambling again. And this was supposed to be an "I'd better go do something productive" paragraph.

*pries self off computer*

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