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Russ, you're evil. I'm sitting here checking my email every 2 minutes for the code thingy I need to register for Gaia (Eudorka is sloooooow! Make it go faster! *pounds computer desk*). My new screenname there is "Talula," by the way (named after a Tori Amos song). I'm already way behind in my classes, and I have 2 exams on Monday. If I spend all weekend on this website... I'll... I don't know. Fail my exams, blame you, and then forget about it 5 minutes later as I click my way to oblivion.

Anyway, I haven't posted for a few days. Amazing, huh? Well, I have lots of stuff to post tonight, so get yourself some popcorn or something.
First of all, here's a summary of Wednesday's game (and by "I," I mean my character here - I've never actually killed anyone, don't worry):
Day 2
After resting, we found the camp of the driders we were supposed to kill. Nobody was there, but we saw webs and empty boxes. Thom did some scrying and saw that a group of 4 was headed towards us, and there were 2 other groups of 3 and 2 after but later. We hid until the 4 came, then took care of them. I managed to kill one. Unfortunately, one cast feeble mind on Forrest, and his intelligence went from 24 to 1... permanently. His fiery pet was smarter than him and had to keep an eye on him so he wouldn't hurt himself or eat rocks or anything. We hid again, the second group came, saw the blood of their comrades, and prepared to fight. We did a surprise attack and one died. I attacked but unfortunately missed, but we killed them all anyway (I didn't kill any, but my initiative was a whopping 3 that round). When the last 2 came, someone cast a spell that made one "high" so he wouldn't attack. After taking care of the normal one, we got some information out of the high one until he snapped out of it and attacked us. Of course, we killed him. After looting the bodies, a thought occurred - what happened to our guide? We found a dwarven footprint (not mine) and then a trail that showed that he slipped... right into the path of the driders. We saw a little blood, which disturbed me (since I'm a dwarf and so was our guide). We followed the trail and saw more blood... then our guide's severed head on a pike with his mangled corpse below. Of course, I promptly burst into tears (hey, my character may be strong, but you'd probably do the same if you saw another innocent human in the same condition) and suffered some emotional scarring. We teleported back to the drow city, and they let us in. We went to a temple, where the priestess healed Forrest (for a price - we all had to chip in, even though it was regular price since we took care of their enemies). Since he had his intelligence back, everything was fine, and we had to go talk to the matriarch. She told us that they would not halt the war with the duergar and that the dwarves had ulterior motives. She said that the drow city had been built on an old, abandoned dwarven settlement and the dwarves probably wanted it back (there were a few less than pleasant comments on dwarves and their technology, and I managed to keep my mouth shut, though I was clenching my fists under the table and coughing after certain comments). Then she asked about the drow caravan and we told her what happened and showed her a letter we found. She said that it was all she had left of her son, then told us to leave. We promptly skedaddled, and afterwards we heard some unpleasant noises coming from the room and heard some small explosions. We talked to one of the drow there, and Thom pulled out a severed duergar head that he took from our first battle. With a little hand puppet action (which freaked out the drow at first, since he had never seen anything like it), he explained some things. Then we heard an explosion outside and voices shouting "they're here!" At that point, we called it quits since we had been playing for 3 1/2 hours and some of us had homework and stuff.

Well, tonight was interesting. I was on the computer when the phone rang. It was Kaitlyn and she told me to get over to the coffeehouse since someone there wanted to see me. I abandoned my game and headed over and saw Anita. It was nice to see her again, I missed her. And a bunch of other Argo people were there too. What's really fun is getting in a big group hug and chasing people and trying to suck them in too. Afterwards, we went to anime night (the movie we watched had lots of vampires in it, but I didn't get too freaked out, even though I winced at a few scenes).

And now I'll be off. I'll probably end up playing games all night. Weehee!

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