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yesterday i was in stats, and the prof. was talking about the bell curve. he was talking about the intelligence curve and how anything over 130 is genius. well, my IQ is somewhere in the 135-145 range (according to different tests, some online and some that psychologists gave me when i was younger). and some of my friends say i could be in MENSA (for people in the top 2%). i had also calculated that i was in the bottom 2% for height, and i thought it funny that i was in the bottom minority for height and the top minority for intelligence. then the prof. said something about people who were in the 2% area for more than two things were considered to be really abnormal (something like that). so i thought, "this is proof that i'm truly a freak!" i had to cover my mouth and hold my breath to keep from laughing. so yes, i'm a midget genius. hear me roar. hehe i love being me!

oh, and happy st. david's day. i don't know anything about it other than welsh people celebrate it. since i'm part welsh, i figure i should wish everyone a happy st. david's day.

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