Ade (agentfroot) wrote,

another day wasted on the computer...

reminds me of the womens oatmeal that's been in our pantry for the past 2 1/2 years...

my mom called today, and i ended up talking to my sister, who is still quite mindless.

katie: you know your turquoise bike?
ade: um... the one i haven't ridden in 5 years? what about it?
katie: do you want it?
ade: no... why, who wants it?
katie: well, it was stolen last year.
ade: *cracks up* and you're telling me this now?
katie: i thought you'd be mad.
ade: so you tell me when i'm 2 hours away on the phone. well i don't care, i haven't touched the bike in years.
katie: dad said you'd be mad. he said you worked really hard to earn the money to buy that bike.
ade: yeah, i did... when i was eleven! but you know, you can compensate for it if you want. buy me a car or something.
katie: no way! i don't have enough money! plus, dad will buy you one!
ade: no he won't
katie: yes he will
ade: no he won't
katie: ok, no he won't
ade: i think that's the first argument with you that i won.

my sister is silly. wow, i just wrote that and checked out today's garfield, that was pretty funny.

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