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here's another picture of ren, i think this one is the best so far (yes, i like drawing her). i sketched it, outlined it, scanned it, then colored and edited it in photoshop. it looked better when it was really big, but this is just a basic cartoon with no shading or anything. her mouth looks a little weird, but i suck at drawing mouths. i just need to buy a big anatomy picture book or something and draw from it. i'd use my mannequin, but i don't like drawing unrealistically tall and skinny people. little and dumpy is the way to go! i think ren looks a little more humanish than dwarfish in this picture, but that's ok. she's supposed to be chubbier with a shorter torso. and she's only wearing one of her necklaces (barely visible) and no belt. i always have fun with her hands - they're just covered in band-aids and scars. she's a vicious little thing, not a woman to mess with.

my mom called today and told me that katie got reading glasses. i knew she would eventually. i'm one of the only people in my family (and among my friends) with perfect vision. bad vision runs in my family, but i hit the recessive jackpot. i'm not left-handed, but that's actually better since everything is made for right-handed people. ambidextrity would be cool, though. my right hand sometimes hurts when i'm writing, which is annoying.

yesterday my pencil ran out of lead in one of my classes, and i didn't have any other pencils with me. so i took notes in crayon. my professor kept giving me weird looks (i always sit in the front so i can see the board, and i pay attention more because i feel like the teachers are constantly watching me). after class, my friend jessie told me she would have offered me a pencil, but she thought i was doing it for fun, because i'm goofy like that. so now i have a page of bright blue, thick-lettered notes. wheeee! also, my stats prof. is a daddy now! his son dean was born earlier this week, and he's just thrilled. jessie says she wants to babysit for him, since she loves kids. i like them as long as they're not mine and they're potty trained and fluent in english. older kids are more fun, they'll play legos and pokemon with you.

i finished the age of mythology campaign. it was a pretty good finale, although i wish chiron had survived. he was my favorite hero. he was a nice centaur, and he had an interesting voice. but he sacrificed himself to save the others, so at least he died nobly.
well, now i'm helping megan set up the new evil faerie guild on neopets since her main account was frozen and screwed up the guild. bye!

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