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*giggles* i was telling megan how i hate it when heavy people accidentally sit on me, and i was trying to imagine someone 3 times my weight sitting on me. since i probably weigh like 140 now (thanks to lack of exercise - damn computer games!), that would be quite interesting. so i drew a picture. lovely, huh?

1) Name: mac daddy baggins (ok, maybe not, but if you don't know by now, you're a dork)
2) Age: older than you! or maybe younger than you. or something.
3) How old do you want to be: either 6 or 32
4) Where abouts do you live: 74 walker in the brooks complex (only like 2 of you know where that is...)
5) Why are you living there: last semester i had a double to myself but i got an email saying i could either have this single or get a roommate.
6) What makes you so good: i'm sweet, lovable, and talented. so THERE! i rock. love me.
7) Three things you really hate: mean people, poop, and sausage
8) What do you do for a living: right now i'm a college student, but i'm also kind of an office assistant for my dad
9) Favorite song: "the origin of love," "sweet transvestite," "winter," and "silent all these years"
10) Favorite place: my room at home, and my room here is pretty cool too. any place i can call my own rocks.
11) Favorite movie: hedwig and the angry inch
12) Last movie you saw: we watched a movie about intelligence and standardized testing in stats yesterday, but the last real movie i saw was "vampire hunter d: bloodlust" at anime night last week. yes, i watched a vampire movie. it didn't creep me out too much, except for a couple scenes. the art and music were excellent, but i didn't really like the characters. it was pretty good overall.
13) How many glasses of water have you had today: not really any water, but i heated some earlier when i was making oatmeal (and yes, audrey, i shared some with your monkey boy)
14) If there was a shark in the water and the only person that was swimming in the water was your enemy what would you do: toss them a flotation device and a rope and pray for them to reach it
15) If I gave you $200 what would you do with the money: buy another mannequin on ebay! no, seriously, i'd probably hug you, then deposit it in my checking account and buy computer games food
16) Three things you really hate: repetitive questions, repetitive questions, and repetitive questions
17) If you had to give something up for 24 days what would it be: is this like lent or something? i don't know. if it had to be something important to me yet useless, probably age of mythology. i need to cut back on computer games and start doing my homework. i have a test tomorrow on something i haven't even read. *whimpers*
18) You are walking around the shops and you see someone you know but you look like a dog what would you do: hey, i'd be a cute puppy! i'd arf playfully and try to steal any food they were carrying. well, if you meant that i looked terrible, i'd say hi anyway. i go around with messy hair and a bare, dirty face all the time. most people don't seem to care anyway.
19) You have to hit someone but you can only choose from one of these weapons; would you choose a baking dish, a shopping trolley, or tree branch? a shopping trolley because it's fun! then i'd apologize profusely and send someone to go get an ice pack
20) What was the most embarrassing thing you have done: gosh... many things. i've had many embarrassing moments, but the most embarrassing thing i've done personally... hmmm.... well, a couple years ago i was at cmu over the summer, for the pre-college art program. i was wandering around oakland by myself one afternoon, and i stopped in music x. i had to leave my backpack in this box in the front, so i went in, wandered around, then grabbed a backpack and left. i walked back to cmu and noticed that my backpack looked really strange and kind of ripped. then i realized it wasn't mine. so i walked back to music x (a half-mile or so away) and this poor girl was there with a cop, and she looked really upset. i gave the backpack back to her and apologized 20 times, feeling like scum. i got my backpack back though, and i decided to put something distinctive on it since everyone has a black backpack.
21) What is your best story that you tell everyone: oh my, i have tons of stories. people seem to get a kick out of the fbi file story. it happened the summer after 8th grade. i was on the internet one day, looking up random stuff, and i ended up emailing random insults to bill clinton, hillary clinton, and al gore. i happened to mention to al gore that he should kill bill clinton and be president. it was a JOKE! so a couple weeks later, these fbi guys came to my dad at work and asked him about the email, and he figured i was responsible. so my parents had to take me to the federal building in pittsburgh, and now i have my very own fbi file. gosh, my parents were upset (this was also shortly after i got busted for bringing porn to school and blowing raspberries at a mean cafeteria lady - gosh, i was such a junior high delinquent). people find that story hilarious, even though it's really embarrassing.
22) You are cooking an egg and you open the egg up after having cooked it and there is a baby chicken inside the egg what do you do: i'd burst into tears and give the chicken a funeral, then feel guilty and depressed for hours and never touch an egg again
23) Grossest thing you have seen: ugh... pictures of slaughtered people, autopsies, and especially pictures from that made me cry hysterically for hours because they were so horrible (laura should have known not to send me that site... my eyes are too innocent and sensitive for pictures of aborted babies...)
24) What makes you vomit: i haven't thrown up in 10 years, but a lot of things make me gag. i always gag when i'm brushing my teeth, so i never do it when people are around. other things like smelly poop and seeing toothpaste in the sink make me gag.
25) If you could be someone else who would you want to be: i don't want to be anyone else! well, maybe for a short period of time. then i'd be one of my friends like megan or cj and just hack into their thoughts because they probably think interesting things (i'd probably also find other stuff i didn't want to find, so i'd only temporarily be another person if it was absolutely necessary - i'm all for privacy, especially in thoughts)
26) song title which starts with the letter y and end with the letter e: yellow submarine (it's all i can think of at the moment)
27) If you had to write a book what would the book be about: of course i'm going to write a book! many of them! why do you think i'm majoring in creative writing? i'd probably write a book about annie the goddess of bad weather or maggie. i have trouble finishing things though, so it would take me a long time. i have ADD when it comes to writing. so many ideas, so little patience to write them.
28) There is a fire in your house and you're in the shower do you go and get dressed before getting out or do you run out in a towel: knowing me, i wouldn't leave the bathroom in anything less than a t-shirt and pants, so i'd throw on some clothes, salvage some stuff, and skedaddle.
29) Three things you would take with yourself if there was a fire: at home: my computer, the big box of photos under my bed, and as many books as i could carry (especially old diaries, my book of shadows, and my favorites). i'd also let nicky (my sister's parakeet) go and make sure belle (the cat) left the house with me. at school: my computer, my backpack, and my digital camera
30) What type of mood are you in: kinda tired (YOW, it's after 2:30 am!)
31) What made you in this type of mood: being up way too late AGAIN (i need to quit doing this to myself)
32) Would you eat a gold fish for $100 000: only if it died peacefully and someone cooked it.
34) What's inside the box: random stuff, like bottles of glue, papers, and extra staples
35) If you could be famous what would you be famous of e.g. singer, actor: i'd be a famous author, of course! people expect it of me, anyway
36) What?s something you have always wanted to do but always have chickened out at the last minute: talk to people! i'm socially retarded
37) Have you ever got lost before and if so where: yes, all the time. right now i'm thinking of when i went to the renaissance festival with argo. i was in the car with matt, jenn, and anita, and we lost track of the minivan full of the others in cranberry. we ended up driving around rural pennsylvania for a few hours, trying to find the place. we we eventually did and caught up with the other people, but it wasn't pleasant being lost for several hours. poor matt... he did all that extra driving...
38) What did you end up doing today: sleeping until 12:30 (no FS today, so i didn't have to wake up in the morning), having lunch, fighting with my printer (the damn thing broke because i put too much paper in and it decided to smear ink all over the place), poetry class, computer games, dinner with some of the argo folks (who were babbling on and on about tomorrow's gaia ball - yes folks, these folks are as addicted to their computers as i am), going on gaia for several hours, chatting to a few people, some photoshop stuff, and now it's time to get off the computer and go to bed...
39) If you could travel some where where would you go: india, to a temple of ganesha! or greece, at the parthenon, that place is cool
40) Who is someone famous you want to meet: tori amos! i MUST meet her sometime in this life! many of my tori-loving friends have met her, i'm jealous!
41) If you got sucked into a computer game which game would you want to be sucked into and what character would you be: age of mythology! i'd be athena, so i wouldn't have to actually fight, i could just try to talk sense into arkantos, and i would have GLOWING EYES! and people would worship me! i love athena, she's one of my favorite goddesses
42) Do you rather playstation 2 or xbox: eh, modern systems aren't my thing. i like the old, 2-dimensional systems like nintendo, they're better. the 3-d stuff is annoying, and the games aren't as fun. i love my game boy!
43) Words you say most often: "hi," "thank you," "what?" and "why?"
44) Weirdest dream you can remember: gosh, they're all absurd. i had one a couple nights ago where my mom gave me this collage of pictures of me. there was this weird nude picture of me at 13 in there (no such pictures exist though), and i was morbidly obese. i mean, i had a huge chest and belly, and it looked kinda squished. it was creepy. there was also something about a fire or torch in the backyard. but i have this image of my supposed 13-year-old huge naked body burned into my mind. weird.
45) If you could invent something what would you invent: a CURE for depression. gosh, i hate what it does to my friends. i feel so helpless.
46) How many chairs can you see: 2 in my room
47) What did you print out last: my printer broke after printing 6 copies of my poem due today, so i went to the computer lab in the library and printed the other 11 copies before class
48) Last time you got up to get something and what was it: my sketchbook so i could scan in the picture of ren
49) If you could do one stupid thing in your life what would it be: let go of my morals for one night and... um... lose my virginity. i'm CURIOUS, dammit! provided my "stupid" thing would have no ill side effects, i'd do that.
50) How many rolls of toilet paper do you have: none here, i use a communal bathroom blech)
51) Favorite brand name: there are few brand names i actually care about, but i do prefer pringles, always, and that company that sells acrylic paint in those cute little pop-top squeezy bottles (i hate screw caps)
52) Favourite clothing store: hot topic, they have cool t-shirts there (and i'm definitely not a little poser, i just like the clothes)
53) Last video/dvd you bought: dragon half

phew! bed!

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