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01. WHAT TIME DO YOU WAKE UP IN THE MORNING? depends on the day. i usually set my alarm for 8, but i end up sleeping until noon. i only really wake up at 8 on tuesdays and thursdays since i have a 9:30 class

02. IF YOU COULD EAT LUNCH WITH ONE FAMOUS PERSON, WHO WOULD IT BE? tori amos! we could go to gullifty's and have apple juice in wine glasses and eat yummy oreo cheesecake, and she could tell me all about her interesting life, what inspires her, and maybe she could sing for me.

03. GOLD OR SILVER? silver is prettier, and i don't really like gold

04. WHAT WAS THE LAST FILM YOU SAW AT THE CINEMA? probably LOTR back in january

05. FAVORITE TV SHOW? full house and spongebob squarepants

06. WHAT DID YOU HAVE FOR BREAKFAST TODAY? i actually managed to wake up in time for breakfast this morning, which is amazing. i had a bowl of corn pops (i have officially switched over from rice krispies) and (surprise, surprise) apple juice

07. CAN YOU TOUCH YOUR NOSE WITH YOUR TONGUE? only if i pull it with my fingers, then i can reach the base of my nose

08. WHAT INSPIRES YOU? i get a lot of ideas in the shower. yep, being naked and wet just gets my muse working (hehehe). i also get ideas when i'm trying to fall asleep. i also get inspired after reading things, seeing movies/plays, looking at artwork, etc. i was blessed with my own personal muse, and she constantly provides me with new ideas

09. WHAT'S YOUR MIDDLE NAME? ha! not telling! thbbbb!!!!!

10. BEACH, CITY, Or COUNTRY? country, away from society

11. SUMMER OR WINTER? winter is pretty, and i'm one of the few pennsylvanians who isn't sick to death of it. i find myself looking at the melting snow and thinking, "come back!"

12. FAVORITE ICE CREAM? strawberry! i also like oreo, cookies and creme, and strawberry cheesecake... aw heck, i love most flavors of ice cream!

13. FAVORITE TIME OF DAY? late at night, since i'm the most creative then, many of my friends are online, and i don't have to go to class

14. FAVORITE COLOR? rainbow!

15. FAVORITE CAR? mr. bean's yellow mini!

16. FAVORITE SANDWICH FILLING? egg salad or cheese and tomato

17. TRUE LOVE? nope, i'm the queen of putrescence. i let wesley get away.

18. WHAT CHARACTERISTICS DO YOU DESPISE? rudeness, closed-mindedness, evangelical tendencies (nothing turns me away from people more than when they try to convert me), and stupidity

19. FAVORITE FLOWER? daisies

20. IF YOU HAD A BIG WIN IN THE LOTTERY, HOW LONG WOULD YOU WAIT TO TELL PEOPLE? after i got over the shock. then i'd probably post it in livejournal, email my friends, and tell my parents. then i'd hire someone to take care of the tax business.

21. FIZZY OR STILL WATER AS A DRINK? still, i HATE fizzy drinks

22. WHAT COLOR IS YOUR BATHROOM? i don't know. i think it's kind of bluish-green here, and at home, it's probably some shade of off-white. i don't notice these things. i usually just stare at the floor wherever i am, so i can tell you about the tile/carpeting of lots of places.

23. HOW MANY KEYS ON YOUR KEY RING? 3 (one to brooks, one to my room, and one to my house)

24. WHERE WOULD YOU RETIRE TO? knowing me, probably the english countryside or some middle-of-nowhere american town

25. CAN YOU JUGGLE? haha no way! i remember in 8th grade, sarah and i had to stay after class for like 20 minutes because we just couldn't juggle 3 balls for more than 2 seconds.

26. FAVORITE DAY OF THE WEEK? saturday (hellooooooo computer games!) and tuesday (tuesday group rocks my socks)

27. RED OR WHITE WINE? umm... can i just have regular grape juice? how about apple juice?

28. WHAT DID YOU DO FOR YOUR LAST BIRTHDAY? cj took me to sca war practice, that was a lot of fun even though it was freezing and i was wearing something tight around the chest/waist. i bought a nifty little dagger too!

29. DO YOU CARRY A DONOR CARD? nope. i have issues with anything medical, and i usually feel dizzy if i even think about needles (i know big tough football players who faint at the sight of needles too, so i'm not just a wimp). and if i die, i just want to be tossed in a hole in the ground. i'll be a feast for worms. i don't people digging in to my body after i'm dead. it would be an extreme violation of my boundaries, and i will haunt anyone who even tries.

30. WHO DO YOU LEAST EXPECT TO SEND THIS BACK TO YOU? people who don't have as much free time as me

31. WHO IS THE PERSON YOU EXPECT TO SEND THIS BACK FIRST? someone who's addicted to surveys

32. IF YOU COLLECT SOMETHING WHAT DO YOU COLLECT? pez dispensers, witch stuff, ganesha statues, etc.

33. IF YOU WISH YOU HAD MORE TIME TO DO THINGS WHAT WOULD IT BE? i have plenty of time but no motivation. i wish i had MOTIVATION to do my school work, but i'm never motivated until an hour before a test or a paper is due. however, if i had more time, i'd work on my writing.

i finally fixed my voice mail. now people who try to call me won't get confused and think i'm anita. i also think i'm going to wear my panda ears today for no apparent reason. i haven't worn them since last semester. some of the kids from my parents' church are visiting allegheny this weekend, so i'll probably run into them and they'll think, "i knew it all along, she IS on crack!"

we have to write a sonnet for poetry. this morning i decided to write a blazon about hedwig. it will be magnificent. i'll compare her facial features to gemstones and her hair to... something fluffy. it will sound traditional and cliche but with an interesting twist to it. i wonder which rhyme scheme i should use...

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