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wooo, what a great night! it started when i was eating dinner, i saw some family friends (their daughter is a prospective this weekend) and they ate with me. after dinner, i spent a long time at the gaia ball before anime night. i put on my panda ears for the heck of it, and people loved them. i saw jen again since she's visiting this weekend (yay!), and we all watched outlaw star. it was funny! and afterwards some of us stood around and talked, then jen, anne, nick and i went to anne's room and then mckinley's and sat around and talked and drew pictures until about 1:20. anne fell in love with a sketch of some guy on jen's pencil box, and she named him gayorg and kept professing her love to him. hee, what hilarity!

well, i'm sleepy and starving, and i need to at least put my sheets back on my bed.

hmmm... i was just talking to an online friend i haven't talked to in a while, and here's what she said (it made me laugh in a "hmmm... ok..." kind of way):
dude, i gotta go confess my sins....peace out my homie g....i gotta go...I LOVE U....possibly in a lesbian way, cus im ha ha ha..byes

night, all!

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