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lookee, it's talula and gummi bear, my gaia characters! and they even have font colors to match each other's hair! they're both so gosh darn adorable... especially together. i decided that they're going to be a couple, so they can do things together in barton town. hey, if i don't have a love life of my own, why not create an imaginary relationship? it's better than a real one. no fighting, no cheating, no jealousy, no complications, just perfect bliss. yes, i know it's completely unrealistic, but reality is boring and cruel. in my fantasy life, everything is hunky dory.

i started drawing a chibi-ish picture of saru! he's cute so far, though his skin color isn't all that great. he has feet with opposable thumbs!

but i must go to bed now. tomorrow will be full of things like homework and trying to clean my room. i did the dishes for once, but i have a lot to clean up by friday so my mom won't complain about how messy i am. i hate it when she complains about stuff. my dad doesn't really care, as long as there's a decent-sized path around the room, but my mom likes things neat and tidy. even if i have my room neatly organized, she'll start dusting my computer or something. bah.

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